No More Chelsea Tickets Lost In The Post?

Most of us at some time or another have had our match tickets go missing in the post – this is not just frustrating, but can lead to them getting into the hands of unscrupulous touts, which in turn could lead to a ban. Although in most cases this does get sorted out eventually, it can be time consuming and cause bad feeling. So could this new technology that Chelsea have invested in, see an end to such issues – from website –

“ — a leading global provider of integrated, high-performance ticketing solutions — has added its new product Despatch Express to the suite of ProVenueMax services it offers the Chelsea Football Club. Despatch Express functionality allows Chelsea to print unique address labels with ProVenueMax-generated barcodes at the same time that it prints tickets. A technology breakthrough not available through any other ticketing provider, Despatch Express streamlines the delivery process and eliminates the need for separate tracking numbers through Royal Mail.

Chelsea Football Club ticket mailings sent with this new label production tool from can be tracked via clicking one link in the Despatch Express section of ProVenueMax, which connects directly to an item’s precise tracking status on the official Royal Mail web site. ProVenueMax was designed for clients that want to manage their own ticketing system, from physical box office sales to telephone orders to Internet transactions — Despatch Express enhances and extends this advanced ticketing system’s capabilities by helping to ensure secure and traceable door-to-door delivery of physical tickets to all United Kingdom destinations. It is compatible with a broad range of Royal Mail services, including expedited and international options.

“We’re extremely pleased by what’s been achieved with Despatch Express,” said Graham Smith, Head of Ticketing, Chelsea Football Club. “Our customer service has improved, and we’re able to confirm with patrons their tracking number immediately. Previously, we had to search through Special Delivery books, which was time-consuming and not as customer-friendly. This is just the sort of technology advance that led us to in the first place.”

Despatch Express comes with a flexible menu of performance features, which can be nimbly adapted by Chelsea Football Club — the largest UK client of — for different occasions. Its label production functionality can be customized for single ticket orders or batch printing, with tickets and labels always produced in the same sequence for optimal efficiency. Additionally, the Despatch Express Reporting Script is an integrated data management feature allowing reports on printed labels to be matched and overseen with varying levels of access and user/performance restrictions on the information.

“We are delighted to serve the Chelsea Football Club and its fans with streamline delivery,” said Andy Perkins, Director of Business Development (Europe, Middle East and Africa), “Chelsea’s more than 100-year history as a football club is legendary, and it’s truly an honor to be part of its present and future growth through ProVenueMax and integrated product options such as Despatch Express. We share Chelsea’s dedication to customer service and technological utility.”