Away Day Alfie’s Guide To Man City v Chelsea

Manchester City away – Saturday September 25th 2010  – Kick off 12:45 pm

Allocation:   2786  – SOLD OUT

Travel:   No problems getting trains back to London due to the early kick off providing you can afford the price of a ticket

By Car – Come off the M6 at junction 19 then A556, M56 and M60 – and follow the signs

Parking:  Plenty of parking around the ground for roughly a fiver

Boozers:  The pubs are predominately for home supporters and that isn’t a bad thing as they are absolute dives – better off having a few beers in Manchester city centre before heading for the ground by taxi

Police/stewarding:   Stewards are moronic jobs worth’s – anyone taking banners expect to get into a discussion with the stewards when hanging them up, they get a bit excited about persistent standing as well

Mancunian police have a reputation for being absolute dickheads and it’s well deserved; take care handing out tickets outside the ground as you could quite easily get arrested for touting. Any problems inside or outside the ground they are likely to side with the home supporters

Away end:   Eastland’s is one of the best stadiums in the premiership,  Chelsea will be housed in the upper and lower tiers all giving a good view. The bars are decent and the beer is good, service is quick (Chelsea should send their catering staff to City to see how it’s done)

Home fans:  Typical gobby mancs – Chelsea fans situated in the lower tier expect to get into some “banter” with the “Noel Gallagher” and various “mad for it” look a likes

Memories of Manchester City

March 18th 1989 Tony Dorigo’s fantastic run from our half rounding the keeper and banging the ball into the city net in front of 10,000 delirious Chelsea fans

March 23rd 1986 For the kids who grew up watching Chelsea in the dark days of the 70’s early 80’s this was the first trip to see Chelsea at Wembley in the full members cup final  – over 50,000 Chelsea fans attended the game that pulled in 68,000. Coasting along at 5-1 Chelsea nearly threw it away with City coming back to 5-4 in the dying minutes of the game. Following the match there were some major disturbances near Wembley Arena resulting in many City fans travelling home in the cold in their windowless coaches and some Chelsea fans receiving jail sentences.

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