Chelsea In Europe – Fancy It?

With the group stages for this season’s Champions League now drawn, we can all start thinking about which games we want to take in.

The ticket prices for home games this season in the group stages are £30 (plus £1.50 fee) which should show a good turnout and full stadium for the three games.

Prices for the away legs are still to be announced but the prices will be secondary in the decisions on which games are taken in!


MSK Zilina – Wed 15th September, 7:45pm


This will be the second trip to Zilina in Slovakia, the first being Roman’s debut European match with Chelsea. One of the better trips last time, don’t expect 5* hotels to be what you imagine! but, beer at under a pound and match tickets that were ridiculously cheap (although this may change this year!) I expect this to be a trip that a few will want to make.

The big downside will be ticket availability, with an expected high demand which will exceed the low allocation, the Thomas Cook package at £236.50 plus match ticket guaranteed will be the choice of most.


Spartak Moscow – Tue 19th October, 7:45pm

Fair play to those going back to the venue of the biggest upset of our football lives!

If you check out Thomas Cook for this one, it says ‘Sold Out’ – now, not that I’m the type of person that reads more into things, but this should probably read ‘Cant fill the plane!’

With the expected costs looking to hit four figures (plus you need to get a visa sorted) I can see a very low following for this one. Moscow coming into winter will be a harsh place and the club should be grateful to all those that decide to do this trip.


Marseille – Wed 8th December, 7:45pm

Again, a second time for a visit to this fantastic French portside town.

For those that went the first time the awful memories of the treatment that Chelsea supporters had to endure that night will be flooding back as we head towards Marseille but we all trust the French police will be a bit more tolerant and treat us like human beings and not animals, we shall see.

This will be very popular and will see many Chelsea supporters going to this one, Thomas cook’s price for a one day trip is £216.50, again not the cheapest and a three day ‘sort your own’ can be a lot better value.


Whatever your plans are for this season’s ‘European Tours’, it’s bound to be another expensive year and I sometimes wonder why we all do it!? I guess it’s in the blood as they say and once you’ve been bitten by the ‘Euro bug’ then there is no turning back!

See you all on the train, plane or boat!

“Win or lose – Up the Blues”