Chelsea League Squad List Announced

Chelsea FC announced their ‘League Squad List’ today.

I think the only surprise for me was the lack of signings coming in to replace some of those who we let go during the transfer window.

You could argue that Chelsea have gone a long way to reducing their overheads and the wage bill will significantly be reduced after letting the likes of J Cole, Deco, Ballack, Carvalho, Belletti, Di Santo etc go to pastures new and only bringing in Yossi Benayoun and Ramires.

With a fit squad, it all looks rosy but I still think we might struggle once the busy Christmas / New Year period is upon us and we tend to see some injuries happening to key players.

Six under 21 year olds being named in the first team squad is encouraging, I just hope they are not called upon in an emergency and get the chance to show their potential during the coming months.

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea League Squad List Announced

  • chelseaR

    Essentially we have spent about £28,000,000 (Ramires, Benyaoun + youngsters who have gone on loan) and recouped £14,000,000 back from sales of Carvalho, Sinclair, Stoch and Di Santo)
    However assuming the two new first team players are paid at around the levels of Carvalho and Cole we will save this year in wages the £14 million spent by letting Deco, Ballack and Belletti go.

    In other words in my view we have maintained the quality of our squad, reduced the overall age and not really spent a penny. In addition some of our youngsters are nearer to being real first team players. Bruma looks a certainty so in effect by 2011 we will have replaced a £20,000,000 defender with a youngster brought through the ranks – Hallelujah.

    My worry is up front. I do not think we could have bnought anyone in this summer, irrespective of cost, who would have been better than drogba or Anelka BUT these guys will both be past their best in 2014 at the latest, possibly in 2013 or 2012 and a world class purchase of a stiker who is in their mid 20’s will have to be made in 2011 or we will see the strength of the squad decline very significantly over the coming year.

  • I knew someone would have the figures, couldn’t remember them but, if as you say, it’s a nett spend this summer then with the additions of our two new players, then this has to be a positive step.
    I agree though with the striker situation and hope Carlo has his eyes open for a future transfer in!
    ……Thanks for your comments.

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