Away Day Alfie’s Guide To Aston Villa v Chelsea

Aston Villa  Away – Saturday October 16th 2010  – Kick off 5.30pm

Allocation:   2690  – SOLD OUT

Travel:  For the early bird Chelsea fans who intend to get on it you may well be sharing your train journey with our friends from the other end of the district line – the marsh men are away to Wolves at 3pm; sovereign rings optional.

Witton station is the preferred choice as it’s very close to the away end

Choice of trains to come home on with routes to Euston and Marylebone

By Car – Come off the M6 at junction 6 and then the A38 – you can see the ground as you come off the Aston express way. If you get lost, be aware that the locals call a roundabout an “island” .

Parking:  Street Parking in the grim Victorian streets of Aston where chavy kids will guard your car for a few quid, though unfortunately there does seem to be more resident parking schemes in place on recent visits. There are also a number of car parks dotted around the ground for a fiver, but be prepared for delays getting away from the area

Boozers:  If you thought the pubs around Eastland’s were bad  then I suggest you sample the delights around Villa Park,  however chelsea  fans will be directed to the Cap and Gown  a splendid example of a Victorian pub, with fine dining and attractive bar staff of which Aston is famous for….  actually this pub is the pits, crap beer, crap service and the possibility of getting soaked when the youth have had one shandy too many and the drinks start flying; what’s more you’ll have to pay a minimum of £3 quid to get in.

Due to the late kick off, do your drinking in the city centre around Broad Street, and head for the ground by train from there

Police/stewarding:   Stewards are not too bad at Villa Park and mainly seem to be made up of Villa supporters rather than the quasi bouncer style stewards you get at other away venues and Stamford Bridge

West Midland  police are easily excited and will jump on any slight misbehaviour;  fans have sometimes been escorted from the Cap and Gown if it’s been a bit lairy inside. 

Be careful  flogging a spare near the ground as the police are quick to implement the draconian  touting laws and you could spend an evening at the local nick and most probably let out when the last train has left for London

Away end:   Away fans are situated in the upper and lower tier of the Doug Ellis stand – this now makes for better banter with the Villa fans on your right behind the goal.

The upper tier concourse is a health hazard and I would hate to see a quick evacuation in an emergency, both tiers are “alcohol free” but do a decent Balti pie

Home fans:  Villa fans have a very high opinion of themselves and see themselves as one of the elite and are very scouse  like – “where’s your European cup?” will no doubt be aimed at us.  Very much a midlands only supported club, the average Villa fan can be spotted by his poor dress sense, exceptionally stupid accent and curry splattered outer garments – Villa birds tend to have the same orange glow as scousers with heels to match

One decent banner in the Holt End  “Villa, Stella, Balti” shows that for some fans football traditions remain in this sanitised version of our beautiful game

Memories of Aston Villa

Can’t remember the year but recall the Holt End disappearing quicker than gazelles on the run from Cheetah’s In the Serengeti following an end of season pitch invasion by the Chelsea faithful.

For the older blues, Villa Park was the scene of a number of FA cup semi finals in the 1960’s – for the younger amongst us games against Man Utd and Fulham will bring back fond and not so fond memories

Wembley 2000 another victory for the blues in the FA cup final – the last at the old Wembley which for many ranks as the most boring cup final of all time – still a great day out on the lash before and after the game . Roberto Di Matteo again doing the business.

Villa Park hasn’t been a happy hunting ground for us for the last 10 years or so – Villa tend to raise their game against us and usually give us a run for our money, a scrappy 1 nil win would be a decent result

Onwards and upwards

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  • Carol Wood

    Is there any particular pub in Broad street where the Chelsea might gather? I’ll be in Brum quite early and wasn’t impressed with the Cap and Gown last year either. Would rather eat in town and then go out to Witton in decent time for kick off.

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