Carlo Ancelotti Book Signing At The Chelsea Megastore

Gill, Graeme and 'The Boss'

Graeme and I went to Stamford Bridge yesterday for Carlo’s book signing.

We arrived as usual well ahead of time, there was a short queue up top in the Chelsea Megastore which then got transferred to the downstairs exit and around the side wall of the Shed End as it began to grow in numbers.

We were told that Carlo would only be signing copies of his book as had been advertised, so that was fair enough. Megastore staff came along with post it stickers so you could make a note inside your book for it to be personalised and it was ok to have a photo shoot with him at the same time.

Ten minutes ahead of the 4pm deadline Carlo arrived and we were taken in batches of 10 for the signing.

I had a card from the Kent Blues children which they had made themselves to congratulate Carlo and the team for winning the double.  He said to thank them, so I took the plunge and asked if he would be kind enough to sign a photo of himself with the Premiership and FA Cup trophies which I had bought that day for me to take back to school. “Yes, of course”.

Carlo signs copies of his new book

Graeme reached across to have his book signed and Carlo noticed that he had player signatures on his Chelsea shirt then offered to add his own, no way was Graeme going to turn that one down!!

As we waited outside our parents who were later in the line told us that Carlo had been happy to sign shirts and pictures for them and their children as well, so it made us think that as long as you had brought the book there was flexibility in getting other items done as well.

So many thanks to Carlo for being so generous to the fans, because there were a lot of youngsters who went along and clearly the signing of his book alone was more geared to the adults.

Also thanks to the Megastore Staff for being so helpful in providing me with a chair outside for my dodgy back!!

Gill Reeves CSG Disabled Rep.