New Year Chelsea Away Games In Midweek

Why is it that the football supporters are never thought of when the FA and SKY etc get their teeth into our football! –

Once again we see in the space of four weeks going into 2011 we are having to travel large distances during the working week just to follow our team. –

I guess it’s all about the money and as far as the supporters are concerned, they don’t really care! –

January 2011 –

5 Wed 19:45  PREM  A  Wolverhampton Wanderers –    

24 Mon 20:00  PREM  A  Bolton Wanderers –    
February 2011 –  

1 Tue 19:45  PREM  A  Sunderland –

Thanks a lot! –

“Win or Lose – Up the Blues”

One thought on “New Year Chelsea Away Games In Midweek

  • Absolute joke, quite how i’d manage the time off for all of these games is a joke, not giving me any time to spend with my family! My weekends are already devoted to travelling away, with only 3 out of our next 20 odd games on a Saturday! This is just a piss take.

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