“The Wrong Outfit” – Debut Novel From Al Gregg

The Wrong Outfit, the debut novel written by Al Gregg, was released on the 19th September, 2010.

The book is generating a great deal of public interest, from well known ex-punks involved in the music scene, to footballers and also music writers. The novel follows the fortunes of Adam Nedman, from his ’70’s West London home life, to Chelsea’s football terraces, through misspent school days and the chaotic explosion of Punk. 


"The Wrong Outfit"

‘At times, a journey into Punk Rock’s own “Heart of Darkness”, Al realistically captures the moment Punk Rock finally implodes. If you want to know what it was like to be a young Punk Rocker, on the ground, at the time – you won’t find a better/sharper book than this’.       Dave Parsons  (Sham 69)

‘A brilliantly talented new writer’.    Honey Bane

‘Replete with childlike wonderment and an aficionado’s knowledge, Al Gregg might just as well do for Chelsea and Punk Rock, as what Nick Hornby did for Arsenal and Bruce Springsteen. A must for all purveyors of the punk movement. An absolute must for all football fans’.      David Marx  (Forward writer for Alex Ogg’s ‘No More Heroes’)

Al is really pleased to have completed his first novel; ‘It always takes time to get your first book published, but I’ve really enjoyed writing it.  Yes, of course there’s a lot of nostalgia involved, especially with growing up through the 1970’s and 80’s, but it’s still surprising to realise just how much has changed since those so-called ‘good old days’.

The Wrong Outfit by Al Gregg, is published through AuthorHouse UK. 

It can be ordered here in soft cover (9×6) for £9.99 plus p&p