No Smoke Without Fire … Save The Bridge

Posted by Mark Worrall of ‘Gate 17’ ……

…… “Despite the denials from CFC, I don’t believe there is smoke without fire …

so in the event that there is … if this little protest group I have created today has a fair few thousand members it gives the mandarins at CFC something to think about” ……

If you agree with Mark’s sentiments then you can join in with the –  “NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE … save the bridge” – Facebook page – here

2 thoughts on “No Smoke Without Fire … Save The Bridge

  • I don’t have much more to say than I dearly love the Bridge and I can’t see any legitimate reason for moving

  • Ilove the bridge but we do need to move to evolve as a club we are never going to be able to make the bridge bigger or it would have been done already. Earls court and it’s proximity is the only real option and we must look into it.

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