Brief: Marseille 1 – Chelsea 0

Over 2,000 supporters made the trip to the South of France

Chelsea went to Marseille in the final round of the Group stages with five wins out of five and, looking for a record 100% wins.

Over 2,000 supporters made the long trip to the warmer climate of the South of France and, most were surprised by the seemingly lack of effort put in by most bar the industrious Josh McEachran. Drogda was returning to the club that idolises him and he looked like carrying out their wishes expressed on a banner “Drogba score for us” with a very lacklustre display echoed by his team mates.

Marseille looked dangerous every time they went forward and could have scored early on when they hit the crossbar, this was followed shortly after by an offside goal that looked very tight from our view but thankfully went our way.

With ten minutes to go the inevitable happened and we went one down, not undeserved and a fitting final score to the display put on by Chelsea, if ever a team looked like it was playing for a draw then this was the one!

So, we now have Spurs, Man Utd and Arsenal in the next three games, and, we really need to step it up a bit and put this disappointing period behind us.

“Win or Lose – Up the Blues”