Champions League Pricing

There have been a lot of discussions recently regarding the price of tickets for the Champions League game against FC Copenhagen now that we have reached the knock-out stage of the competition.

For those of you that have not seen the prices, they are as follows –

Area Adult
General Sale
General sale
East Upper £56 £61 £23.50 £26
East Lower Family Centre £41 £46 £15.50 £18
West Lower £56 £61 N/A N/A
West Upper £70 £75 N/A N/A
Matthew Harding Upper £55 £60 N/A N/A
Matthew Harding Lower £52 £57 N/A N/A
Shed Upper £55 £60 N/A N/A
Shed Lower £52 £57 N/A N/A
Shed Lower Away Visitors N/A £52 N/A £23.50
Shed Upper Away Visitors N/A £55 N/A £23.50
Restricted View £46 East Upper and £23.50 Matthew Harding Lower

 With a Fans Forum meeting this weekend, we wanted to gauge whether these prices have impacted on your decision as to whether to attend the game. To this end, we have devised a very quick survey which we would appreciate if you could complete.

Please click here to complete the survey

Many thanks in advance.


16 thoughts on “Champions League Pricing

  • Antonio

    All the prices seem a bit steep, will struggle to sell out if we tonk them away. I will attend

  • Peter Collins

    Jeez. That’s expensive. How do they justify this, against Copenhagen? It might put me off, the robbers.

  • Flying to Copenhagen for £51 return. This is cheaper than a ticket for the home leg.

  • Tim Rolls

    These prices look very high (55 quid in the MHU?) given the opposition. Barca, Real, Man U I could understand, but Copenhagen (no disrespect) are not a huge pull. I can’t see this selling out, even if the 1st leg is tight.

  • God1Zola25

    We have to make a stand on this one and try and get a campaign up for people not to attend , I would find it hard not to go but would if thousands promised to follow in protest against these ridiculous prices. Only people who never miss a game should go to this game or these prices will continue and rise further.

  • Usual rip off.

  • £52 is too much for a season ticket holder who’s already made a considerable outlay to the club IMO.

    All these high prices will do is fill the ground with Tourists and Jonny come Lately types at the expense of rank and file supporters that make sacrafices just to attend PL and Cup games but simply can’t justify paying double what they normally do.
    Do the club think that little of their loyal fans to put profit above all else?

  • This is normal Category A pricing with the new 20% VAT – same as we had to pay for the Liverpool tickets this week.

    Capacity will be reduced to 38,000 with foreign broadcasting requirements, 3000 tickets go to Copenhagen and 1500 for Uefa and their sponsors so there are only 33,500 tickets for Chelsea fans.

    This is the real scandal. CFC need to be asked again why they don’t create a 2,000 allocation config in the Shed to allow us more tickets for properly big CL games.

    If we sold out for Olympiakos the other year, we’ll sell out for this, though it might make more sense for this one game to be at Category B pricing. Doubt it though. Give it a try.

  • John Rapley

    I am afraid I have been priced out of attending the Bridge regularly, I simply cant afford it anymore as much as I would like to. £52 cheapest ticket for a member for this much is far too high for a game against Copenhagen.

  • Rene Taylor

    I find this cost quite simply astonishing. How this can be justified is beyond me. On top of the large sum required for a season ticket I’m now being asked to ‘support’ my beloved team coughing up this amount. If I don’t I lose loyalty points which wont help in the acquisition of a final ticket – should we get there.

  • Trizia

    As someone who goes to all games, I have found myself in a position where I really have to think about attending this match. The cost is simply shocking. The club have to accept that there is a recession and they simply cannot raise prices and not expect a back-lash. That said, if they sell out, they will not care.

  • Shameful. Saying that its my least favourite competition because the clowns that run the competition have clearly had an agenda against us for years.
    With the amount of money the Club make from the competition they really don’t need to squeeze the loyal supporters, who in most cases don’t have recession proof salaries.

  • This can only mean MORE idiots wandering around prior to the match LOST, with tickets in one hand and a camera in their other! Should be category ‘B’ in any case.

    It will be interesting to see how much we have to pay for the away tickets when they finally tell us on next week.

  • I am a season ticket holder and will be going to the away game rather than be ripped off by the club. £52 is far too high a price in a recession.

  • Alan Thornton

    i’m not paying that,dont think loyalty points are going to be needed this year anyway

  • Don’t be smug about just going to the away game. They’re oriced by FC Copenhagen at £66 – higher than the home game for all bar West Upper…

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