Chelsea Supporters Or Chelsea Mugs?

 Q) How much longer are football supporters in this country going to be treated like mugs by the television companies, The FA and indeed, the clubs themselves?

A) As long as we keep spending our hard earned cash following the team of our choice!

That’s how long!

They know they have us by the short and curlies and they know no matter how much they take us for granted, as long as the money keeps rolling in they don’t give a toss whether we travel 5 or 500 miles to see our team in a midweek game that, for no other reason than ‘profit’, has been moved from a Saturday 3pm kick off!

Yes, today we are told that the Blackpool away game had now been moved to a Monday night!, no thought has gone into the fact that most supporters have already booked hotels, this is a new ground to visit for a lot of travelling fans and most are making a weekend of it in one of the countries top holiday destinations.

And, no thought has gone into the fact that Blackpool is around 4 hours from London and once again, the travelling supporters will not get home until the early hours (and, you can add a couple of hours to that if you go by the club travel coaches!)

And, no thought has gone into the fact that we have just been to Wolves for a Wednesday night game, we have Bolton and Sunderland coming up within two weeks of each other for yet more MIDWEEK GAMES!

And now a nice trip to the North West again thanks to those in their ivory towers for the Blackpool game!

So, what are the choices?

• Cancel Sky TV!
• Write and complain to your club

• Don’t renew your Season Ticket! (very difficult if you have been going to games for over 40 years!)
• Just accept it as inevitable and complain to yourself and just go and kick the cat

There probably isn’t an answer that will prevent this situation occurring again and some will say it’s the future, for me, I get very frustrated with it and, it pains me to say it but, I’m not sure how much more of ‘my football’ being turned into ‘a business’ I can take!


“Win or Lose – Up the Blues”

5 thoughts on “Chelsea Supporters Or Chelsea Mugs?

  • Bluebrain

    Despite many tempting offers from Sky, offers I would love to take up, I will never do so for precisely this reason.
    Lets be honest I would love to give Sky my hard-earned, not because I’m Rupert Murdoch’s love-child (which I’m not – probably) but because for all their faults they do what they do so, so well.
    But while they piddle about with the fixture list in their crass and self-seeking attempts to filch more money out of advertisers pockets as well as ours I will never give Sky a penny.
    I wish I didn’t have to say that, but I do.
    Leave our fixtures alone!

  • Callum West

    If the FSF could organise a mass cancelation of Sky Subscriptions, from football supporters around the country then it’d hit them where it hurt, probably just a pipe dream though.

  • manny matern

    i cant believe that cfc have actually allowed this.
    We have not been to blackpool for the best part of 30 years, what a weekend and what revenue blackpool would have received! so because of sky its moved.
    How they must love to show a game with a small amount of allocation that the away fans will take due to the time of the venue.
    The last 3pm sat game we played was blackburn and the next isnt until mid feb…..have a look at all the others…..makes you think!!

  • This is an absolute disgrace. And i believe that this will be one of the final gunshots of which will kill football as we know it. Football is all about Money , Betting and people on the armchairs. Unfortunately fans come last of clubs priorities now.

    As you said, its a big shame as there is absolutely NOTHING within our power that we can do to stop this from happening. Remember, fulham away was also moved to VALENTINES DAY on a monday (Yes i know it’s more local, but where is the sense in that). I don’t know how much more of this i can take either. Even the Sunday games are a pain!

  • JD,
    Yes, Fulham is a local one but, only local if you live near the ground!
    For those who have to travel it’s no fun and, yet again all done for profit!

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