Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

WHEN John Terry’s goal hit the back of the net last Sunday, Stamford Bridge celebrated like we had just won the European Cup.

It wasn’t just that we thought we had just won a game against the odds but we thought it might finally herald the end of this shocking period of form.

We knew it was the kind of goal that would turn a season around — so then to see it turned to nothing by another display of shocking defending was just soul destroying.

There was a stunned disbelief as we watched Clark rise unchallenged while at least three blue shirts simply watched man and ball destroy the comeback.

After everything that has gone on how can some players still be playing with no urgency, no thought, no skill even! Essien for example — what has happened to him? He is a shadow of the player he was. He seems totally incapable of even completing a simple pass these days.

Ferreira has been a loyal servant but he is coming to the end of his top flight career and it shows; Malouda looks lightweight, confused and tactically inept these days. Anelka — terrible — but then at least he looked interested unlike Drogba.

Drogba again — the same old argument in the pub after the game — should he have been subbed after such an anonymous display? One faction claim that Ancelotti is “scared” to sub him, another lot argue Drogba should never be subbed never mind how he is playing as he is always the most likely source of a goal. Yet another faction claim that although this is true to a certain extent, his selfishness on the pitch prevents others from scoring so his contribution is not only negated, but means that we are effectively playing one man down when he is having a “bad Drogba” day.

This run of form has gone beyond one of those things that you just work through. This is really worrying. We look like a side in decline and all other teams can smell blood. Let’s not kid ourselves, Villa are one of the worst sides in the league and we are at a place now where I even fear Wolves tonight.

The show of solidarity with Ancelotti following Terry’s goal was good to see, but there is only one way to save that man’s job and that is to start putting in performances we know they are capable of.

After a few drinks in the pub after the shock had worn off a bit we joked about how we needed this kind of period to weed out the weak from the crop of the young teenage support — they will have only ever seen us be top three and relatively successful. They need to suffer a bit to gain a bit of character. Of course this is nowhere near the kind of abject uselessness that we had to endure in our youth, but then we expected little better to be honest. To go from Double Winners to behind Spurs is really coming back down to earth with a bump.

Ancelotti is being bullish and claming publicly that we can still win the league. I’m not sure anyone (including him) actually believes this. The team and manager must now concentrate on securing a Champions League spot. Without that we could really see a cycle of decline. Without Champions League we would struggle to sign the best players in the world, without the money generated from the Champions League we could struggle financially and before you know it . . . we are Liverpool.

Up front, we either give Sturridge more than five minutes a game and see if he is up for it, or we go out and make a big offer for someone decent. Ideally someone young and with experience of the Premier League. My choice would be Andy Carroll.

Although his professionalism out of football could be questioned, I think he could do a job for us. He wouldn’t be cheap but buying him would also put out a statement of intent that we are still a big four side despite our current position.

So its time for Abramovich to show his commitment to Chelsea again — and strengthen the depleted squad. It’s also time for Terry and Ancelotti to hammer some home truths to some in the dressing room and drag this team by the scruff of its neck, back into contention.

Come on Chelsea!!

4 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • Andy Carroll seems to be the flavour of the month, although I have to say, don’t really rate him that highly!
    Having said that, we do need another striker and I can’t see where one will come from that isn’t loads of money.
    Can’t see Roman dipping that deeply into his ‘not so deep’ pockets!

  • Michelle

    Andy Carroll my choice too – PL experience, homegrown, and scares defenders. With good people around him, he could be seriously classy (on the pitch, at least!).

  • Cortez

    Mark Bright also still thinks Chelsea will win the league.


    Don’t you mean Mark “Not So” Bright ?

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