Keep Calm And Carry On Carlo

When things get tough, as they currently are, we as supporters should be backing the team and manager. Neither are at fault for the lack of recent investment, or responsible for the players that left in the summer. Nor are they to blame for the injuries we have suffered in key positions.

The banners that were put up at Cobham today make us look like ungrateful, spoilt brats with very short memories. Many people from my era took to supporting Chelsea because they were the under-dogs – our love of the club is not built on anything as superficial as simply winning.

It is at times like this that we need to make our voices heard in support of Ancelotti and the players. Does anyone actually believe that another change in manager is what is needed here?

Some of the players have not been at their best but this also happens – it’s not about how much money they get paid – they are simply human.

This is a call to arms – your club needs you! Get yourselves to as many matches as you can and support the team – lets not have thousands of gaping empty seats as have been seen at other clubs going through a bad patch. We need to ride out this crisis and stay united and strong – don’t disappear and give credence to the urban myth that we are a club of Johnny come latelys that vanish at the first sniff of bad times.

We expect the club to pull out of this nose-dive – well, we play a part in that – what are we – spectators or supporters? Well let’s support them then.

Come on Chelsea!!!

3 thoughts on “Keep Calm And Carry On Carlo

  • Top post. Totally agree with all of it. As fans, we’ve got a big part to play – to help them get through this ‘difficult moment’.

    Long live Carlo and in Roman we trust.

  • Excellent article. As long as I see effort I am happy. Sadly I don’t think I am seeing 100% from every player at the moment. Banners slating our club are a disgrace & I am embarrassed. I hate it when “fans” hang out our dirty laundry in public,that’s what the post match drink is for in my opinion. Too many “supporters” with short memories. “Win or lose,up the blues”

  • Very well said. Leave tacky banners to the likes of the Scouse and West Ham. We are Chelsea and we support our team through thick and thin.

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