Know Your Own ‘istory by Chelsea Chat’s ‘FarCryToff’

After outbursts from many of Liverpool’s old guard players on the Torres move several accusations have been pointed at Chelsea. We’ve heard we have no “istory” (as they so fondly put it), no fans or fan base, we have bought success in recent years where as they did it all by hard work, and Torres himself is just a mercenary for leaving their beloved club (I mean how very dare he?)

I decided to look up some facts on the “Istory” of both clubs and they make surprising reading.

The first accusation “Chelsea have no fans”

Well this could be true of a period of Chelsea’s recent “istory” in the dark days of the 80’s when attendances did dip somewhat, but if you look back through time Chelsea had by far the bigger average attendance of the two clubs for many many years.

Liverpool biggest ever recorded crowd at Anfield 61,900 (A lowly 18th on the all time list)

Chelsea biggest ever record crowd was 82905 (3rd highest of all time behind city and Manure) and there were unrecorded estimates just after WW2 of over 110000 at SB

Also you need to factor in Chelsea have to compete with 4 or 5 other London clubs for the available football supporters in the area. Whereas Liverpool only have Everton as rivals for their catchment area.

Now let’s look at buying success and Torres being nothing but a mercenary shall we?

Liverpool’s most successful period was 20 odd year period from the mid 60’s thanks in no small part to the cash from the Moores family generated by the then popular Littlewoods Football Pools which the Moores family owned, the Moores family were the majority share holders in Liverpool FC at the time, which enabled them to buy the best players of the day. In fact they paid 2 then English record fees for players and for the time paid fortunes no one else could afford. “King” Kenny Dalglish cost a then record £440,000 from Celtic (though presumably this wasn’t seen as Kenny betraying Celtic at the time as it now is with Torres wishing to join a club where he has more chance of success? Not  Mercenary at all eh?), they paid £350,000 for Souness and £330,000 for Alan Kennedy again these were up near the English leagues record fees paid at that time.

Other notable players they splashed big money on back then were, Alan Hanson, John Toshack, Ray Kennedy, Phil Neal, Joey Jones and Emlyn Hughes

We Chelsea fans fully admit we’ve bought success on the back of huge investment by Bates and then Abramovich, But then again we probably won’t bang on about our “istory”  20-30 years after the event and try and pretend it was all won by hard work !

Yes we are a fair way behind still in terms of titles but it has to be said we are in a time when the league as a whole is much much more competitive. They were pretty much the only decent team for most of their successful days.

Liverpool may have won more but the two clubs “istories” aren’t too dissimilar in many ways though it seems their fans either have bad memories or simply know jack about their own club in the first place.

Still they can all Far Cry Toff as far as I’m concerned starting with the hypocrite Aldridge who himself left Liverpool for the riches of Italy and the odious Pinochio Thompson!

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