Chelsea’s David Luiz Appreciation Society Is In Blackpool

It would appear that the ‘David Luiz Appreciation Society’ has left SW London and is now in various hotels spread around the seaside resort of Blackpool

Rumour has it that many followers of this sect have been seen in and around the town, and indeed, will be at Blackpool’s ground tonight for the game, disguised in their various selections of ‘Luiz Lookalike Wigs’

Anyone spotting these persons are warned not to attempt to approach them as no-one really knows how they may react when questioned as to why they are involved in this new ‘love in’, they may also be unaware of the fact that Luiz’s hamstring problem may force him out of tonight’s game and, the authorities are unaware of how the sect will react to this news!

One thought on “Chelsea’s David Luiz Appreciation Society Is In Blackpool

  • excellent – it’ll look blinding on the box – my 2 should arrive in Stoke today. Not much help for you up there, but the more the merrier for Citeh. Have fun

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