FA Youth Cup Match Report: Chelsea 2 – Watford 1

Another great result for the Youth Team and another report from our Kent Blues and Junior Chelsea correspondent Jack. We are all so very proud of him.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jack and I went to another game at Stamford Bridge. This time I went to see Chelsea Youth Team playing against Watford. I was with my teacher Gill and Kent Blues Graeme, my friend Matthew and his teacher Terry. When I got to the Stamford Bridge there was a big surprise as my Dad Nigel was there as well.

You will never guess what had happened on Friday, because I had got the Chelsea shirt that I really had wished for with Josh McEachran and number 46 on it. I was so excited I could wear my shirt and Josh would see me. As well we made Josh a birthday card with his name on it and 18 years old on it from all my Kent Blues friends

We went inside the Chelsea shop and with my special money I bought Chelsea stickers and they had my name Jack on them. When we got inside the Stamford Bridge I had a hotdog.

My teacher Gill said if Chelsea win we can all go to McDonalds or we could have pizza.

We saw John Terry and we saw Carlo Ancelotti. John Terry waved at us and we waved back.

We saw Dermot and Dermot came over and I showed him that I had my Josh McEachran shirt on and he said he would ask Josh to say hello to us afterwards the game.

Oh NO then what happened AGAIN, because just like last time and the time before the other team Watford got a goal.

Kent Blues Graeme said to me “Don’t worry because just remember we are Chelsea and the best and we will win” so I stopped worrying a bit.

But something quite worrying did happen then because one of the Chelsea players and his name is Bobby Devyne felled over the wall where we were sitting. Lots of people came running over and I thought that Bobby might have to go to hospital, but then thank goodness he said “I am alright” and he got up and ran off.

Now, Dermot was doing his thinking and sometimes he shouted out things like “go forward” and when he shouted it one time Bobby did what Dermot had said and he got a goal. He headed the ball into the net.

Kent Blues Graeme said to me “Good news, now we will win”.

I so wanted Chelsea to win I crossed my fingers, closed my eyes and made a wish for Josh to get a goal.

Next thing happened is that Chelsea got a penalty, but Milan Lalkovic kicked the ball over the goal. We all said OH NO! I thought that Dermot might be cross, but he had a calm face and was doing some more thinking.

My teacher Gill said Chelsea was getting lots of chances and she was sure that we would get another goal and then just like before we did. It was Josh who did a great running up with the ball and it got kicked to the goal by Connor Clifford. We all jumped up and down and Dermot looked very happy as well that he could stop worrying. Kent Blues Graeme said it was “an own goal and the Watford player had done it”

Then Teacher Gill said there was 4 more minutes that Chelsea had to play and then we would win.

At the end there was lots of cheering and then guess what? Josh came over to us and he signed my shirt and Matthew’s and Kent Blues Graeme. We gave Josh his birthday card and he said “thank you very much, did you enjoy the game? and we all said “yes lots”.

My Dad and Teacher Gill took photos of me and Matthew because I want my mum to see how good it was and for show and tell in school.

From Jack – Kent Blues and Junior Chelsea Blue – age 9

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  • Another excellent match report Jack, well done.
    You will have to tell teacher Gill to take you to all the matches if they win every time you are there!

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