Match Report: Chelsea ‘Youth’ 3 – Man Utd ‘Youth’ 2

Here is 9 year old Jack’s fab report from his latest visit to the Bridge for the first round of the Youth Cup tie with Man.Utd!! :

'Roving reporter' 9 year old Jack's match details!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jack and yesterday I went to the Youth Cup between Chelsea and Manchester United with my teacher Gill, Kent Blues Graeme, and my school friend Gabby and his mum and dad.

I wore my Chelsea shirt with Josh McEachran number 26 on it and it was the one that Josh had signed for me when I went to last Chelsea game so I was proud that I had it on and do you know Josh was playing and he was Captain just like John Terry is so I was very excited.

First we went to the Chelsea Megastore and I had some special money to buy a Josh McEachran picture of him wearing the same shirt as my one. Then we went into the Stamford Bridge and I got two bottles of blackcurrant fruit shoot because it was very very hot and teacher Gill said we must have on sun cream, drink lots of water and not run around.

There were more Chelsea fans than I had ever seen before which Kent Blues Graeme said was good as this was important game for Chelsea.  Teacher Gill said if Chelsea win today we will DEFINITELY be having McDonalds so Gabby and I was really hoping Chelsea to win.

When we sat at the front I got worried because of the sun so Teacher Gill went and spoke to a man with a walkie talkie and he said we could sit in a different place in the shade and then I was happy and I could still see.

Well this time there was a lot of good for us because Chelsea got the first goal and it was number 4 his name was Nathanial Chalobah. First Josh kicked the ball right over in the corner and then Nathanial he kicked it in the goal. We all jumped up and down and shouted hurray and waved our Kent Blues flag.

Dermot looked very happy and smiley and he jumped about a bit as well.

Lots of times the players ran over to Dermot and they had drinks of Lucozade which Kent Blues Graeme said was a very sensible thing to do.

Guess what then there was another great thing happened because Chelsea get ANOTHER GOAL and it was the same player Nathanial but not with a kick because this time he headed the ball which was quite a difficult thing to do because there were lots of other players who were in the way.

Now then it was half time and Chelsea TV were talking and Kent Blues Graeme took me to wave at them but he said not to shout hello because they were busy on television.

Then good things, but some not quite so good things happened in the second half because first Manchester United got a goal but we were still winning. Then even more good because Chelsea score again and it was number 7 Bobby Devyne who ran so fast and the ball got kicked to him so he could score the number 3 for Chelsea. 

I wanted it to be the end of the game so Chelsea would have won then but Kent Blues Graeme said there was still more and just when he said it OH NO because Manchester get another goal which was number 2 for them.

Well I thought Dermot might be quite cross and he did walk up and down a bit waving his hands around, doing his thinking and then he talked to another man next to him and some Chelsea players came off and some others went on.

I was just closing my eyes and crossing fingers very hard for Chelsea team because every time I have been to Stamford Bridge they have won it.

Thanks goodness then because it finished so Chelsea did win but Kent Blues Graeme and Teacher Gill said that they still have to go to Old Trafford stadium to play there before I can go to the next game, so I hope they can win as I want to go and see Chelsea and Josh again.

They are the best ever team in the world. 

Guess what as well I was really happy because after we went to McDonalds and I had chicken nuggets, fries and a Cadbury’s cream egg ice cream and apple dippers and Gabby had the same as me.

From Jack – Kent Blues and Junior Chelsea Blue – age 9

4 thoughts on “Match Report: Chelsea ‘Youth’ 3 – Man Utd ‘Youth’ 2

  • Great report once again Jack.

    Best move off the McDonalds though otherwise poor teacher Gill will start getting fat!


    • Gill Reeves

      Behave you! Not much chance of that with all the jumping up and down the Kent Blues do!!
      Jack is our star pupil with his reporting. Cracking good open game and it was a really good attendance with a lot of parents and youngsters along to support the team.

  • EmeraldBlue

    Thank you Jack. You’ve got a real writing talent – keep it up!

  • mick odonoghue

    would be nice if the fist team prema donars showed as much class as the youth team

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