Ciao Carlo And Thanks For The ‘Double’

It is with great sadness that we at the CSG heard of the termination of Carlo Ancelotti’s contract as manager of Chelsea Football Club this evening.

Carlo made history with our club by delivering our first ever double in his debut season. He has always conducted himself in an honourable & dignified manner and so it was disappointing to learn that he was fired in such a brutal & sudden fashion.

We as supporters want to thank Carlo for the success he has bought to our club, the way he always represented us with class and humility and his hard work in the last two seasons.

We wish him all the best for his future and believe that he will be a success wherever he decides to continue his career

2 thoughts on “Ciao Carlo And Thanks For The ‘Double’

  • Ken Barrett

    I read with utter amazement the ddeparture of Carlo Ancelotti. As an Arsenal Supporter of many years I feel that the way Chelsea F.C. has acted towards their manager is nothing short of scandalous.

    You can’t win the double every year and the Champions league is very hard to win.

    The owner may have grand plans and ambitions but he is acting like a child who can’t get his own way.

    It will all end in tears.

    My message to your owner is Sir, you cannot buy History and Tradition to has to be earned.

    Ken B
    Arsenal Fan
    (Not as good as you at the moment but not £800 million in debt either).

  • Steve Symmons

    Sorry, but it had to be done.
    If being a nice guy was all that was required to be a Premiership manager I’d send in my CV today.
    True, under Ancelotti we won “The Double” last season – but cast your mind back and remember how we won it:
    And be honest.
    We got lucky.
    It looked as though Ancelotti was prepared to listen to the wisdom of others during last season’s “blip”. However, this season, a year older (and supposedly wiser) we saw the same mistakes repeated.
    We got lucky again, though.
    Most other seasons 71-points would not have secured second place – even by goal difference.
    It would have meant fourth (at best) and with it a tricky UCL qualifier in September.
    You can argue about the manner, but you can’t really argue about the decision.
    Ciao Carlo i grazie.

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