Chelsea Season Ticket Prices And Loyalty Points

The Season Ticket Prices for next season are shown below.

Season Ticket Prices

East Upper £940 £440 £440
East Lower Family Centre £595 £285 £285
West Lower £900 £450 £450
West Upper £1250 £485 £485
Matthew Harding Upper £880 £425 £425
Matthew Harding Lower £750 £380 £380
Shed End Upper £880 £425 £425
Shed End Lower £750 £380 £380

Applications for the 2011/12 campaign are now available to members with ‘zero’ loyalty points or more, these must be in by 5pm on Monday 13th June, an instalment plan is also available.

‘ZERO POINTS!’ I wonder what makes Chelsea think that a member who hasn’t seen a game all season is suddenly going to fork out over £700 on a Season Ticket? If this is the financial future for Chelsea FC then I think Mr Gourlay needs have a bit of a re-think! Just makes you wonder how many supporters actually gave their Season Tickets up this year!

Whether it’s a money thing, the standard of football or, supporters generally feeling negative towards the club, it is a worrying trend but, I doubt the powers that be at Chelsea will see it and do something positive about ticket prices, although I have to say, I hope the Fans Forum use this as ammunition for tackling ticket prices next season, surely the lack of take up on the ST allocation is enough to help keep prices at the top of the agenda?.

I look forward to yet more ‘new faces’ around me in the Shed Upper next season.

Applications are on a first-come, first-served basis subject to availability.

17 thoughts on “Chelsea Season Ticket Prices And Loyalty Points

  • I wonder how many members have not renewed

    • modonoghue

      i think one of the major issues is that there is still a recession but chelsea dont seem to see this.and they wont help season ticket holders like to me to move .

  • modonoghue

    my god we will be giving away season tickets in corn flakes next very embrassing that we cant seem to sell our season tickts . i asked to move to new area but as usally very helpfull chelsea would not help they are so un helpfull its but un true

  • we need fairer priceing cat AA is just too far i have renuied my season ticket but i know alot of guys that dinnt

  • I would have renewed had they let me move but as it was, I wasn’t prepared to cough up over two weeks wages to stay where I was.

    • modonoghue

      thats how i feel and this will be my last season in the seat i have at present.

  • kev hennessy

    I’ve not bothered renewing my membership for the new season as I doubt if I’ll go to more than 2 or 3 home games tops, I’d much rather put my spare cash towards whatever domestic and euro trips I can get to.

  • Chelsea’s website is announcing that all seson tickets are sold out so banging on about not renewing has become irrelevant.

    • Geoff, think you might be missing the point of this article.
      The Season Tickets were always going to sell out, especially when loyalty points dropped to ‘zero!’
      The point of the article was to emphasis that Chelsea’s policy on ticket prices needs to be addressed. Too many regular supporters have not renewed due to the pricing policy and this is a worry.
      Unless the club really look at why they had to reduce the points to zero then nothing will change and, you and I will continue to pay over the top prices to go and see the games!
      Thanks for your comments.

      • I paid £940 for my season ticket and 8 years ago when I moved to my seat it was £845 so taking in to account that vat is higher now I’ll think you will find it has gone up a lot less than inflation.the real culprit on ticket prices was KEN BATES who use to regularly put up prices by 15 to 20% every year at least were winning things now.

      • why don’t you print comments that disprove the argument, ie my comments regarding ticket pricing.

        • All your comments sent have been approved.
          I moderate this site on my own as part of the CSG committee and cannot be on it every hour so comments get approved as and when I get time to be on here around my family and work commitments.
          All cmments are welcomed and encouraged regardless of the content views.

          • sorry about my remarks said in haste about the printing of comments .you have an excellant site keep the good work up.

          • Thanks for that Geoff, as I said, we welcome all input and appreciate the comments.

  • wacky walker

    im only a chelsea member as i live in devon. but does all comments made by others mean i can apply for any games with a lack of loyalty points

    • No, what it means is you could get a Season Ticket with zero loyalty points. I believe though, they have now sold out.

  • Benny Coulter

    Hi I’m in the army just been based in London and looking to get a season ticket anyone know how long is the wait and where I can get 1 desperate to get one ASAP

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