CSG Meeting With West Midlands Police

The Football Supporters Federation has invited a representative of the Chelsea Supporters Group to attend a meeting with the recently appointed Assistant Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police.

The meeting is scheduled to take place in Birmingham on July 5th. We are one of several club’s supporters’ groups to attend and will be discussing how the West Midlands force can better police football matches in their area. It is understood that the agenda of the meeting may well cover stewarding within the stadiums as well.

If you have any horror stories of dealings with the West Midlands Police force or ground stewards in the Birmingham area and are willing to share them with us we will gladly pass them on at the meeting.

Any genuine suggestions as to how to improve policing and/or stewarding would also be welcome and will be raised on the day. 

Assistant Chief Constable Forsyth has instigated this meeting and apparently feels there is room for improvement as to how they operate at football matches and is aware there have been problems in the past.

We fully intend to enter into the meeting with an open mind and hope that things may change in the future that improves the day out for football supporters in the West Midlands region.

Hopefully other police forces may see the value of this meeting and invite us to meet with them with a view to improving the supporter’s lot.

Please contact us with any stories or suggestions at

Posted by Cliff Auger – CSG Juvenile Rep