Zero Loyalty Points To Get A Chelsea Season Ticket!

Season tickets for the 2011/12 campaign are now available to members with zero loyalty points or more. Applications must be in by 5pm on Monday 13th June, an instalment plan is also available.

‘ZERO POINTS!’ I wonder what makes Chelsea think that a member who hasn’t seen a game all season is suddenly going to fork out over £800 on a Season Ticket? If this is the financial future for Chelsea FC then I think Mr Gourlay needs have a bit of a re-think!  Just makes you wonder how many supporters actually gave their Season Tickets up this year!

Whether it’s a money thing, the standard of football or, supporters generally feeling negative towards the club, it is a worrying trend but, I doubt the powers that be at Chelsea will see it and do something positive about ticket prices although I have to say that I hope the Fans Forum use this as ammunition for tackling ticket prices next season, surely the lack of take up on the ST allocation is enough to help keep prices at the top of the agenda?. I look forward to yet more ‘new faces’ around me in the Shed Upper next season.

Applications are on a first-come, first-served basis subject to availability.

3 thoughts on “Zero Loyalty Points To Get A Chelsea Season Ticket!

  • Gill Reeves

    Agree very worrying. Are the Club doing anything to find out by way of an email survey as to why previous holders aren,t renewing?
    That at least would be token gesture to listen to their reasons and how they might act upon them.
    As for first come first served basis if it’s got to this stage I somehow doubt you would be killed in the crush!

    • The club wont give a toss Gill as long as they sell out the allocation of Season Tickets (24K I seem to remember)
      ….If this number doesn’t get reached then, I think, they may act.
      Would be interesting to know how many they have sold!?

  • the club is complety cluess on this matter i renued but i know lots that dinnt bother both from a money point of veiew and the way the club treats alot of the loyal fans worrying times

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