Chelsea ‘Second’ In The League……

……Well, For Season Ticket Prices Anyway!

Rumours abound about Chelsea underselling their season ticket allocation this season, even when the loyalty points to purchase dropped to zero! So, was it the prices themselves that led to this, the economy in general or indeed, the type of football that we are now used to seeing at The Bridge?

Well, if you thought the prices might be the problem then we are still not ‘top of the league’ in Season Ticket pricing, yes, we aren’t the cheapest but think yourself lucky you’re not subject to watching a team lose two of their most influential players and still have won nothing for 6 years, and if that was not bad enough, pay up to £1,000 for their cheapest ticket for the season!

Below is listed the “Season Ticket Price League” for both the Premiership and the Championship (table from

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4 thoughts on “Chelsea ‘Second’ In The League……

  • I’m pretty sure thats not entirely correct, Man Utd’s most expensive season tick was supposed to be rather high this season…

    • Peter T

      I know the away ticket is over £52 this season at Old Trafford and yes, it did surprise me that Utd were so far down the list.
      I can only assume the cheapest are up in the gods and most season tickets are closer to the higher rate!?

  • Whoa! £1800 to watch Spurs! That’s a DEAR do even for London prices given it’s not the greatest spectating ground in the league to start with-they must be amazing seats i’m guessing.Not that WHL isn’t decent for atmosphere, it IS, but it’s not exactly the most salubrious place in the World, that’s all!

    Surprised we Chelsea fans didn’t find ourselves fleeced even worse than we have been to be honest.

  • i think it was the price that put peaople off two hikes in two seasons is two much for most people

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