Win A Free Copy Of “The Wrong Outfit”

“It’s not often I get chance to read a book that I can really relate too, and although Adam (the main character) was around ten years younger than me I could still feel myself having a wry chuckle when I was taken back in time reliving my youth!

Adam’s story about his time from a young lad into his late teenage years, will have any Chelsea supporter born in the 50,s and 60′s thinking back to those days as each page is read.

The references to Chelsea games, players and the important goal or two, to the old tv shows, consumable products that were available and mostly, the punk movement and bands around during that time, will no doubt, leave others feeling as I did and find it difficult to put the book down.

Al Gregg has exhausted his knowledge in this book and every snippet of information has been relived through young Adam and his fellow mates, pupils, teachers and band members”

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a little of Al in his young protege’

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