TV selections: Quick guide for fans

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Arranging tickets, travel and accommodation for games is a major challenge for supporters, particularly under the current TV contract regime. We all know broadcasters call the shots and hundreds of games are moved for broadcast every season.

Sometimes information on when games are due to be selected or not for TV is unclear and fans still ask us about that regularly. Read on for a brief summary of each league’s TV game process.

Premier League

Previously the Premier League used to select its TV games in large batches four or five times a season, these would normally cover multiple fixture rounds over one or two months, and have a nominal deadline which the league produced at the start of a season.

However, that system was fraught with difficulties as broadcasters, clubs and police squabbled over kick-off times leading to those deadlines being routinely missed.

Subsequently, the Premier League switched to a rolling six week system at the start of the 2023-24 season. If a game is more than six weeks away, don’t book your travel just yet as there’s a good chance it could be moved for TV.

The league says this will come down to a five week notice period in January.

If a game is less than six weeks away and TV selections for that round have already been announced, you’re generally safe to book the travel and accommodation for the game – but always be aware of conditional picksMore on those here.

If in doubt, the best place to check is the Premier League’s broadcast section on its website here.


In the EFL, supporters are generally given five weeks’ notice and four weeks notice from March. Then down to three weeks’ notice for the EFL’s penultimate round.

Unlike the Premier League, the EFL has kept up a timetable of when it expects TV selections to be made through the season, those deadlines are below:

12-19 August 8 July
26 August – 20 September 21 July
23 September – 7 October 18 August
21 October – 11 November 15 September
25 November – 13 December 21 October
16 December – 1 January 10 November
13 January – 3 February 8 December
10 – 24 February 5 January
2 – 6 March 2 February
9 March 9 February
16 March 16 February
29 March – 1 April (Easter) 1 March
6 – 10 April 8 March
13 April 15 March
20 April 28 March
27 April 5 April
4 May 29 April

For its new TV deal starting 2024-25, the EFL says every game due to be broadcast before Christmas will be announced ahead of the new season kicking off.

National League

Broadcast notice periods will form part of our newly-established supporter engagement meetings with the National League to get the best agreement we can for fans. More information on that to come.





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