King’s Speech: New laws to safeguard clubs

From the offiicial FSA.Org website:

In April 2021 six clubs from the Premier League attempted to rip up more than a century of tradition by creating a stitched-up European Super League with a handful of other clubs across the continent. 

The backlash was huge with supporters across all leagues, including from those clubs behind the proposals, making their disgust clear. Soon enough Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur backed out, but the story didn’t end there.

The Government launched its manifesto commitment of a Fan-led Review of Football Governance which the Football Supporters’ Association was heavily involved in shaping – supplying detailed policy ideas and ensuring 130+ of our member supporter organisations gave evidence.

Earlier this year the Government confirmed it would push on with its promise to create a football regulator – and a commitment to legislation has been included in today’s (Tuesday 7th November 2023) King’s Speech.

“Legislation will be brought forward to safeguard the future of football clubs for the benefit of communities and fans.” – King Charles III.

The King’s Speech marks the state opening of Parliament as the Government sets out its future priorities – the laws it wishes to pass in the next session of Parliament. The detail of that legislation will be outlined in an upcoming Parliamentary bill.

Malcolm Clarke, chair of the FSA, said:

“We have argued for many years that an independent regulator was needed to protect our historic football clubs and ensure long term financial stability across the game.

“That now looks set to happen as a regulator will be given powers to intervene at all levels when a bad owner, through incompetence or worse, threatens a club’s very existence.

“There have been far too many clubs in crisis throughout the pyramid and they cannot be allowed to fail – supporters deserve better and this represents a very significant step forward.

“No-one cares more about a club than its supporters, they’ll be there after others are long gone, and supporters should be at the heart of their club’s decision making processes.

“We will continue to work constructively with the Government and football authorities to give supporters a stronger voice and establish an independent regulator with the powers it needs to protect our clubs.”





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