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AVB’s Demise [by Gary Watton]

AVB’s Demise [by Gary Watton] It might be considered bad manners to kick someone when their down, but hey let’s engage in a bit of schadenfreude and take delight at Tottensham’s latest misfortunes. First of all, their recent form is a stark reminder that Gareth Bail-out was carrying that club last year and that they […]

Mutiny At The Bridge

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell us we’re in a mess, but who’s to blame? We are hated, no doubt about that, we have a history of upsetting the established order of things one way or another during many parts of our history, be that right or wrong. We are not universally loved […]

Player Power!? ……

No no, not the impressive over powering of a weaker opponent on the pitch but the grumblings of players not getting their own way. Sadly becoming a historical problem at Chelsea when things are not right. So is it not right?…. at what point is player power acceptable? When the man in charge is deemed […]

Capello to Chelsea?

Haven’t we been here before chasing after England managers? Ok so Capello is ex-England manager, but really, would he do any better than AVB? AVB has had the unenviable task to rebuild our team, what should have been minor changes year on year, we have left it too late and had to do major surgery, […]

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