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Girl Who Likes Balls – PAOK

EasyFootball Chelsea 4 PAOK Salonika 0 – Thursday 29th November 2019 20:00 Sp*rs: Well that was like being the subject of an Ancient Egyptian embalming, where they pulled your brain out through your nostril with a crochet hook. Only having it done while you are conscious. Alcohol and war sh*t took over. I’ll put it […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – PAOK

Fantasising about Ross Barkley, Bruce Buck and Garlic Butter PAOK 0 Chelsea 1 – Thursday (Urgh) 20th September 2018 17:55 But not in that order. Not since the British Army landed a completely pointless force at Salonika in WW1 has a group of Englishmen been so reticent to make a trip to Greece. And for […]

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