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Girl Who Likes Balls – West Brom Preview

This Week: West Ham did us no favours against L’arse last weekend. But what a great mid-table clash that was between United and Everton on Sunday. Fellaini is a bellend. A loveable, incompetent, criminally ginger-afro-wearing, hilarious bellend. United don’t get the results they deserve, according to He Who Will Not be Named. Nothing like a […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Man City Preview

Sky Sports Are Off My Christmas Card List… Ok. The red-loving slutbags were never on it in the first place, but my girly fists will be shaking in protest at their studio in Manchester come 12:30!!!! on Saturday. This week: HWWNBN – Eat a Snickers, mate. You’re a right diva when you’re hungry. He went […]

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