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Chelsea Blip-O-Meter Reading

86-5 = 81 points And dropping like a stone. Chelsea Blip-O-Meter reading: 8.5 And rising like a soufflé. Ancelotti says he has received Abramovic’s unequivocal support. To qualify for the Europa League, I assume But you have to finish fifth to qualify for that. One of the Top Four could always win the FA and/or […]

Chelsea Blip-O-Meter Reading

Right on cue, as we battle it out for fourth spot, Ancelotti receives Abramovic’s public backing…. Match Available 10/11 GF GA GD 09/10 GF GA GD Par PtsYTD GFYTD GAYTD GDYTD WBA (Hull) (h)   6-0 6 0 +6 2-1 2 1 +1 = = +4 -1 +5 Wigan (a) 3 6-0 12 0 +12 […]

Chelsea Blip-O-Meter Reading

That 85-point total relies on us doing the double over Manchester United and Arsenal amongst others. We couldn’t beat Everton, Newcastle or Sunderland. And yet more of the same despite the desperate grafting of a half-fit John Terry into our central defence. Everton is not having a particularly good season. We managed to make them […]

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