Chelsea World Gone Chuffing Mad!

Thick skinned, stupid, clueless, lazy, ignorant…….

Well they all been laid at Chelsea’s door over the past month and the trouble is most of the mud is sticking, the final pin dropper to know when your in the mire is when the commentators are too embarrassed to insult the club and team any more.
Its quite difficult to know where to begin as well, which makes the whole situation even worse, if it was just one thing that needed fixing then you could put your finger on it, but the truth is there are many, which sends that cold shiver of a reminder what it was like back in the mid 1970’s when which was once a great team, crumbled and we slipped into the wilderness years.
Now I’m not saying that’s going to happen again, but forget all hope of winning the Premier League, these things do not happen when we are in transition, even the hope of a top four place looks way beyond our ability and no its not still early season, we are just over a week off December, and that’s enough time to make a fair assessment.
Our only hope of any face saving this year comes in the cups, and with that I mean CC and FAC not CL. The CL is just a mirage, good for earning a few quid, but nothing else, after the group stages its like venturing into the Bermuda Triangle with dark clouds overhead, you just know some untowards is going to happen.
So where do we start?……. well let’s be fair, we are all pulling in different directions and that means us supporters as well. The farce of the CPO has set supporter against supporter, the board is as ignorant to its fans as it ever was under the dire last days of the Mears reign, we have a group of players and I will say group, because they are not a team, there are far to many with their own personal agenda’s, and the way we are playing just reminds me of being back at school.
Our strength once was our defence, now that’s got more holes in it than Swiss cheese, its been like that all season, we just can’t defend anymore, we are not the quickest in the centre back positions either, our speed comes from the full backs and they are more often out of position trying to be wingers. Lets get the basics right first, tighten up at the back, protect a shell shocked goalkeeper, who I genuinely fear has taken just one to many blows to the head, just like a top prize fighter those punches catch up with you at some point.
Our striking force with the odd exception, I’ve seen more life in an old peoples home, so we can now honestly claim back our original nickname of “The Pensioners” we are playing like them.
There is hope, there is still some drive and life there, but I fear no belief, when one is statuesque in front and behind you mistakes are more common Chav’s at QPR and West Ham, there must be some concern of “here we go again”.
I’m not suggesting a clear-out, but there are four or five players that need not come back after the New Year’s Holiday, when a player is more interested in his own needs (pay-day, new pay-day, next pay-day, another pay-day, one last big pay-day,) then its clear that they are not working for the team, and time to say thank you and goodbye.
I’m not a football manager, I can’t even get a winning team on FIFA (whatever) or Football manager, but I do know that to win games you must be able to pass the ball to your own players, hoofing it 50 yards out of defence is not a great game to play, as the ball seems to keep coming back, it might just be worth trying to pass to a man in the same colour shirt 5-10 yards away, though that does mean having to run as well, which goes back to the original problem of us being slow.
We have too many Lord Lucan’s in the side, and some also appear to have a broken guidance system, so before we start dreaming of winning titles or cups, can we first get some life back into the corpse, then make simple passing moves, and see some off the ball movement. Changing the footwear might also help as for stumbles, trips, slips, slides and getting feet tangled up is too common occurrence.
Fire the manager…. no way, that will only put us back another season, and we failed to rebuild during the last 2 years as it was, give the man time and a few extra bodies that move, plus bring in old Gus to steady the ship, AVB has the right idea but not the right people to carry it out. Let’s all start pulling together in the same direction, forget a new ground for the time being, and concentrate on making a noise in the one we got.
I moved 6,000 miles away to get away from the stress of UK living, but been faced with over the past 2 years of Airport closures, strikes, protests, army on the streets, curfews, shootings, and now biblical flooding and a culture of sharing the pain as they break down flood defences and beer is short supply!
The world’s gone chuffing mad I tell ya!

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