Win A Free Copy Of ‘“Blue Murder – Chelsea Till I Die”

The prize for the November competition is Mark Worralls “Blue Murder – Chelsea Till I Die

“Blue Murder is an enthralling account of life in the clubland fastlane. Biography or autobiography, who cares. Blue Murder is an outstanding, multi-faceted granular look at the life of a Chelsea fan, Johnny Nipper, whose world collapses inwards as he gets ideas above his station getting sucked into a vortex of drugs, sleaze and casual violence. The accuracy with which certain events are portrayed, eg early Pistols gigs, Billys, the Blitz Club, Ibiza, Goa, and a literal Shed load of Chelsea happenings left me in no doubt about the authenticity of the authors writing. If you are looking for a quality holiday read this Christmas, Blue Murder wont let you down”

You can win a ‘Free Copy’ of this book in our monthly competition here

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