Capello to Chelsea?

Haven’t we been here before chasing after England managers?

Ok so Capello is ex-England manager, but really, would he do any better than AVB?

AVB has had the unenviable task to rebuild our team, what should have been minor changes year on year, we have left it too late and had to do major surgery, so is it any real surprise that we have faltered badly at times.

At what point does AVB position become untenable?

Mr Abramovich is a constant meddler, but then he is about the best new owner in world football and to be fair if I had spent several hundred million on an investment I’d pretty much want things done my way.

However football is a circus and quite a badly mangled mismanaged one as well, for all the press clambering for Harry Redknapp to be the new England manager, he’s has described himself in far less flattering terms, stupid, semi-illiterate, technology challenged, is that really great qualifications for such a high profile job?

Anyway back to Capello and AVB,

I’m really indifferent to AVB, I know he has one hell of a job on his hands for one of the most trigger happy bosses in football. Abramovich makes Ken Bates and Deadly Doug Ellis seem like Sunday morning country vicars.

Progress is slow, we seem to find ways to not win games with our form guide looking like: DDDLWWDDD we did appear to be making progress with stopping goals, excluding last weekend and you can’t really allow for a referee losing the plot and giving away penalties, our scoring seems to have done a Lord Lucan.

Scolari was sent to the Gulags when it look like we were failing to make 4th spot and I think that is the crux of the matter. The fear of missing 4th and when Abramovich nerves break its another Russian revolution, the things against AVB are its not pretty to watch, some of the substitutions are a touch mystifying, and our show piece £50m striker looks more like a Morris Minor than a Ferrari, it just feels all wrong, if AVB could get a really good show piece game together it might just settle everyone down a bit as well as hopefully give us a bit of breathing space from the teams below us.

However I can’t see it happening at Everton, who are improving, plus its not one of our favourite grounds and that is the problem, time is running out and the more the clubs below us get closer and even over take us, the sooner Abramovich’s nerve will crack.

So, would Capello do any better, well he has one of the best records as a club manager (international management is a completely different ball game)

He has an amazing relationship with John Terry, and his captain does owe him for his England loyalty, Capello can and does face up to difficulties and does not stand for any crap either, it would be a completely different approach than AVB, which could see some players departing at a rapid rate, the down side its also not pretty to watch and the press who already hate both Chelsea and Capello will be on hyper-overload with negative stories.

Still, we are used it now aren’t we?

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One thought on “Capello to Chelsea?

  • Gogisan

    I really hope that AVB gets at least one more season though for that to happen he has to guide us to a minimum top four finish and a good run in the champions league.
    Sadly the ‘really good show piece game’ failed to materialise against ManU. Even a 3-2 win would have done wonders for us.
    I’m not too sure Capello is the man either. The challenge is to remain in the top four with this unsettled side and then do some good business in the summer.

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