Speaking With The Enemy – Wolves

Speaking With The Enemy – Wolves

Tonight we take on Wolves in the Rumbalows, Milk, Coca-Cola, Littlewoods, Carling Capital One Cup. We spoke to Thomas Baugh, Editor of to get his take on things ahead of the match.

Early Days but how do you think your team is looking?

We’re getting there. Lots of new foreign signings have come in courtesy of our new foreign manager and they need time to adjust. But 3 wins in the last 3 suggests it’s coming together.

Are you happy with the business Wolves did in the transfer window?

Losing Jarvis, Fletcher and Kightly was a major blow, but we got somewhere in the region of £25 million for the 3 players, which was extraordinary business. We’ve invested a fraction of that on replacements from the continent, who on early evidence look capable enough to get us out of the Championship. So considering how bad it could have been, I’m fairly content.

Which Wolves player should Chelsea be worried about?

Looks like we’re playing a second string, so hard to say really. Our young prodigy Zeli Ismail is in the squad and he’s reportedly a real talent to watch out for. Scouts from the top clubs have been monitoring him for a while, despite the fact he’s never played for the first team. Tonight could be the night.

What would make a good season for Wolves as far as you are concerned?

Promotion is the objective, but as long as we’re in and around the top 6 come the end of the season, I won’t be too disappointed.

If you could choose any Chelsea player to join Wolves, who would it be and why?

Has to be Hazard doesn’t it? A talent like that doesn’t come around too often.

What do you think of Solbakken?

He speaks incredibly well and always says the right things. Tactically, he wants us to play more football, which is encouraging but the emphasis is very much on organisation and discipline. I like the fact he’s got a keen eye on the foreign transfer market. I think all teams of our size need to cast the net further for players.

I’ve heard from some Wolves supporters that it’s more fun watching the team in the Championship than in the Premiership – do you agree with that?

Well, winning is certainly a lot more fun than losing. I’d rather be in the Championship winning every week than losing every week in the Premiership as we did last season. That said, we all know the Premiership is the place to be and we want to be in it, albeit more competitively than we have been in recent times.

How do you think Chelsea will do this season?

Definitely top 4, but I think you’ll come up just short on the title. Still think Man City have the best all round squad and United have the know-how. Chelsea, to me, are light a striker and the manager will probably need longer than a year to gel everything together. I’d imagine you’ll do well in all the cup competitions, unfortunately for us.

Will you boo John Terry?

I wouldn’t boo him for just being John Terry and certainly not for all the stuff he’s supposedly has or hasn’t done. I have booed him in the past, but that’s been for bad tackles and a few off-the-ball incidents I’ve spotted in the games we’ve played. No different to a lot of other players.

What has been your biggest high as a Wolves fan?

Well I’m only 27 so haven’t seen us lift much silverware. Would probably have to say winning the Championship in 2009 under Mick McCarthy, closely followed by winning the play-offs back in 2003 to get us into the Premier League for the first time. Staying up on Survival Sunday with virtually the last kick of the season was also a notable high, although we paid for it dearly last season.

Who is your all time favourite Wolves player

Do you even need to ask? Bully, of course.

Finally, what’s your prediction for the match?

Impossible to predict. Will likely be decided by what team Chelsea put out. We’re playing our reserves and I’m guessing you will too. Complete guess but I’ll say 2-0 Chelsea. Would love to get through though. We’ve seen Championship sides go far in recent seasons and a trip to Wembley would be lovely.

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