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AA040001It’s the hope that kills you they say – never has that been more true. I have been far from confident in terms of our league ambitions all season and I’ve been banging on for weeks about how our “easy” run in would do for us, but I had no fear of Sunderland – given that we were playing at home I saw nothing but a home win. I suppose I was complacent – but not half as complacent as the team were in the first half. By the time they came out for the second half the panic didn’t take long to materialise both amongst the players & the fans & that was swiftly followed by an air of inevitability as we capitulated again to one of the worst teams in the Premiership.

I’m only going to make two points about Saturday’s referees (unlike Jose’s four). Why did the FA deem it inappropriate for Mike Dean to referee Liverpool in the 2006 FA Cup Final due to the fact that he is from the Wirral yet feel it wholly appropriate have him referee one of Liverpool’s two direct rivals in a pivotal game which could have a huge baring on the Premiership title? My second point is that the limo who gave the penalty was also from that part of the world & had actually been on Liverpool’s books. I’m not saying some this is “dodgy” necessarily but why allow a situation that is so open to questions?

Mike Dean had three key decisions to make & got them all wrong.

But then we can’t blame the referee for our lack of character in such a key game – we need to look in the mirror for that. Jose was wrong in his short post match interview – the players did not do everything in their power to win the game – they did not give their all. Perhaps the apprehension which was so palpable in the stands had communicated itself on the pitch or more likely all the talk of Anfield had made us take our eye off the here & now.

But then I think that Jose too may have out mind-gamed himself on this occasion. There is no doubt that our lack of strikers has cost us dearly this season but rather than lighting a fire under them, Jose’s constant comments seem to have destroyed any little confidence they had.

I enjoyed Rui’s melt-down in the dug-out – at least someone was as angry as I was. It took four members of the coaching staff to hold him back – the league is lost – I’d have let him go on the rampage – it would have been quite interesting to see what he would have done to Dean had he got hold of him. Chased him all the way back to the welcoming arms of Brendan Rogers for a start I’d imagine.

Anyway that’s the league done as far as we’re concerned & our last shot at glory this season is the Champions League – which will be far from easy. One thing is for certain, Jose needs to get over this fury with the media & the FA pretty sharpshish as when you are that angry, it’s difficult to think clearly and this cannot be doing the team any good.

Mathematically there are still a number of permutations which could give us a few twists & turns yet – but I think we all know how this story will end. We can only look at ourselves at the missed opportunities, stupid mistakes, the complacency & not playing to our full potential but then we didn’t have divine intervention on our side. Looks like Suarez really got into the swing of the Easter spirit by showing us his interpretation of the seasonal rising from the dead miracle. Of course it’s not in the script to discuss his constant diving & cheating, nor his ban for biting an opposition player, nor his racism – in fact I doubt any of these will prevent him claiming the player of the year crown – everlasting recriminations are only for non-Merseyside based players. Excuse my poison pen, but our capitulation has hit me hard & I’m not in a particularly benevolent mood.

By the time you read this I will be winging my way to Madrid where hopefully a bit of Rioja & tapas will lighten my mood – until next Sunday at least.

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5 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • Ah, this made me feel better, though it only echoed my own impressions. Even on the NBC TV broadcast, the apprehension in the stands at the Bridge was palpable after Sunderland evened the score. I’m no Liverpool fan, but the fact is they take care of business, we don’t. West Ham. Aston Villa. Crystal Palace. Sunderland. Clubs we should beat with relative ease bedevil us. We control the game, the bulk of possession, pass the ball around the area, but we have no player who can unlock the gate and score — at least not consistently.

    This loss ruined me for two full days. I just couldn’t wrap my head around Chelsea losing to Sunderland, and in doing so, losing any hope of winning the title. The sad thing is we may finish 3rd.

  • The story of our season has nothing to do with inept decisions by officials (nb don’t recall too many complaints v WBA at home)but our inept finishing.

    We’re in the S-F of CL and likely to finish 2nd or 3rd so in no way a disastrous season and suggests a sound platform for next season.

    In summary:

    Liverpool have scored 96 PL goals;
    Man City have scored 91 PL goals;
    We have scored 67 PL goals.

    There’s nothing else to add really is there?

  • Steve, Mourinho won the Premiership twice with ‘only’ 72 goals each season. It’s futile comparing ourselves with free-scoring Liverpoo and Manchester Wannabes. While José is in charge, Chelsea will play cautious football because the manager is so terrified of conceding goals that we don’t play quick balls because we are in danger of losing possession cheaply. Regrettably, Jose has a safety first approach.

    • Gary, point well made although I suspect our conversion rate of chances to goals was a lot higher in those two seasons.

  • ish collins

    Jose,s safety first approach has certainly cost us in the league this season. In a must win game he plays one up front at home against the bottom team. It was obvious what they were goin to do tactically. Surely he could have changed tactics and went for the jugular and try and won going forward . It’s no shame to lose but to lose after being ahead so early and not pushing on is unforgivable.

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