CSG Statement

For the avoidance of any doubt, we at the Chelsea Supporters Group believe the vast majority of our support reflect our own beliefs and values, in that we are against all forms of discrimination. We trust the club to act upon any reported cases of offensive behaviour and back them to take appropriate action in each individual case.

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One thought on “CSG Statement

  • Mark Treasure

    I agree totally with above statement. However I would like someone to explain how Chelsea are facing charges for use of “Y” word in December and yet I am watching Fulaham v Tottenham on telly at the moment and only 30 mins in have heard plenty of chants from the away support chanting that same word.
    To say it is being “reclaimed” is drivel – it’s either offensive or it’s not (I believe it is) so will the FA ever take any action to stop Tottenham ? Of course they won’t – inept and spineless especially if it concerns Liverpool or this lot.
    Pathetic – wonder what warnings we will all get on Thursday night.

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