Sports minister says football “reform is needed”

From the official FSA.Org website:

Sports minister Stuart Andrew was yesterday pressed in Parliament by MPs to continue the Fan-led Review of Football Governance – and he confirmed his belief that “reform is needed”.

Labour MP Clive Betts was up first and said he wanted to “push the minister a little further” and encouraged the Government to accept the recommendations which flowed from the Fan-led Review.

“There is widespread support for the fan-led review,” said Betts. “Can we have a commitment from the front bench team that they are going to implement the principles of the review – an independent regulator, fairer distribution of funding and an end to parachute payments?”

The minister responded by reiterating his commitment to the FSA that he would publish the Government’s White Paper.

Conservative MP Scott Benton followed up by asking if there had been any recent discussions between the minister, Premier League and EFL “to encourage a fairer distribution of money throughout the football league pyramid?”

The sports minister said: “The secretary of state [Michelle Donelan MP] has met both organisations [and] my first engagement was with the Football Supporters’ Association. It is right to listen to all those views, and we are aware of discussions that are happening across the various groups, but I recognise that reform is needed. That is the firmest commitment I can give at this stage.”





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