Chelsea invites applications for new Fan Advisory Board

From the official Chelsea FC website:

Chelsea Football Club is delighted to announce the establishment of our new Fan Advisory Board (the “FAB”). The FAB is an initiative to help fulfil our promise to be pioneers in fan engagement.

Building on successful consultation and engagement mechanisms the club already has in place, the FAB will engage in discussion, exchange information and share insights on potential decisions that impact Chelsea FC supporters.

The focus will be on the club’s strategic vision and objectives, as well as medium- and long-term decision making. The FAB will meet at least three times a year with Chelsea FC board members, with additional senior club executives also in attendance at all meetings.

The FAB will be made up of six supporters. Three places are reserved for our Supporter Advisors to the Board and the club is looking to identify a further three supporters via an open application process. 

Chelsea FC is proud of the work our Fans’ Forum and Accessible Fans’ Forum have done to improve the experience for the club’s supporters. These Forums have made a number of important improvements since they were formed and will continue to run and provide an important source of feedback for the club, with a specific focus on matchday and operational issues. The recent appointment of Cat Smith as head of supporter relations was another key step the club took to ensure supporter engagement and consultation at all levels.

Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE, one of the Chelsea FC board directors, will have strategic oversight of the FAB and commented: ‘As a life-long Chelsea fan and season ticket holder, I am proud to be serving on the board of the club I have always loved. I was also a member of the panel in the Government’s fan-led review and am committed to fan engagement within the club.

‘Through my position on the board, I want to ensure the club has the ability to respond reactively to supporter issues. Through our Fans’ Forums and other communication channels, we believe we are working well to capture this feedback and will continue to develop mechanisms to do so.

‘In addition, I want to ensure our supporters are represented when we are considering long-term plans for the club. Our supporter advisors to the board have been an important step in the right direction, and we know we can do more. I believe the Fan Advisory Board is a critical step in this process and look forward to working closely with the members of the FAB.’

The club welcomes and encourages supporters from all backgrounds to put their names forward to be FAB members. The application process is simple: fill out the application questions via the link below. At this stage, all the applications will be considered and reviewed.

Click to apply to be a member of the Fan Advisory Board

A shortlist will be selected and passed to a panel, consisting of club and independent representatives, to decide the final members.

If you are interested, please make sure you are willing to give up your time to be a part of the meetings and discussions. All applicants must be over the age of 18. The first term of service for FAB members will be three years.

The deadline to apply is Friday 24 March at 5pm.

Once the final FAB members have been chosen, they will be announced with further details, including a date and time for the first meeting. 

Please use the contact us form if you would like more information or have any queries with regards to the process





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  • Reverend Martin Swan

    Having been a season ticket holder and fan for 60 years and having the privilege of looking after past players including taking tge memorial services for Peter Osgood,Peter bonetti and Ken Shelito, It would be a privilege to be a member of the new fan forum

    • Thanks Martin
      If you go to the link shown on the article there is a form to complete there

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