Change to ticket restrictions for young fans

From the official Chelsea FC website:

There has been an important update to Chelsea FC’s ticketing policies affecting supporters aged 16 and under, which comes into force at Stamford Bridge immediately ahead of the 2023/24 season, starting with the Game4Ukraine.

As part of the club’s continuous efforts to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees, changes have been made to our age restrictions for stadium entry. Moving forward, all ticket holders must be over 16 years old to gain entry into the stadium. If you are under the age of 16, you must be accompanied by an adult.

While these changes may impact some younger fans, the change has been made with careful consideration for the safety and wellbeing of all supporters. By requiring younger fans to be accompanied by adults, the aim is to create a secure environment while still providing an opportunity for families to enjoy matches together.

These new age restrictions will be effective starting the Game4Ukraine at Stamford Bridge on Saturday 5 August and remain in force throughout the 2023/24 season for all games across our men’s, women’s and Academy sides.

The Chelsea ticket office will be contacting those who have already purchased tickets and fall under the affected age group, to assist with any necessary adjustments.

Chelsea appreciates the understanding from our valued supporters affected by these changes as the club strives to make matchdays as enjoyable and experience as possible for everyone in attendance.





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2 thoughts on “Change to ticket restrictions for young fans

  • Rich Hale

    What a lunatic decision by the powers that be!! We will instantly lose a large number of matchday supporters who are U16, probably to rival PL clubs, not to mention the generations to come…..are they completely mad? The Supporters Group should contact the club immediately to discuss this, and get it reversed…..absolute madness!

    • Hi Rich
      I totally agree with you, an absolute mad decision by the club
      All the supporters groups are discussing this with the club to try and get a reason for this decision
      Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

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