Chelsea Women: Fan groups hit out at price hikes

From the official FSA.Org website:

Chelsea Women Supporters Group and Chelsea Pride have hit out at their club’s plans to raise ticket prices ahead of the 2023/24 season – with some seats doubling in cost.

Both groups are FSA associate members and say they had encouraged the club to make any price rises gradually over a few seasons rather than all at once.

Chelsea Women’s home base is Kingsmeadow with adult seats in some areas doubling in price from £10 to £20. The club will also pay four WSL games at Stamford Bridge with prices ranging from £22-£60 for adults and £11-£30 for concessions.

The biggest percentage jump in prices has been for concessions at Kingsmeadow, which have been raised from £1 standing / £2 seating up to £5 standing / £7.50-£10 seating.

“We are listening to our members and the wider fan base. We object to such a large increase happening over one season. We had said to the club that any increase should be spread over several seasons,” said a joint statement.

“We also believe the club should have put financing in place like they do for Men’s [team] season tickets, as families in a cost of living crisis will now need to find a large amount of money or lose out on having a season ticket at all.”

Both Chelsea Women Supporters Group and Chelsea Pride are encouraging supporters to contact the club and make their views known.


Chelsea says the price rise “follows an extensive program of fan surveys, focus groups and meetings with our playing squad and backroom staff” although it’s clear that their new ticket policy is not welcomed by Chelsea Women Supporters Group and Chelsea Pride.

The FSA has also seen correspondence from an individual supporter who says they took part in one of the club’s focus groups and now feels “disgusted”.

The fan said that while supporters agreed £1 or 2 concessions were too low, they did not advocate for this level of price hike – incremental rises were proposed by those in the group. Discussions were also held around a ticket exchange platform for season ticket holders.

The supporter said: “I am actually disgusted that I took part in something in good faith, trying to be a positive force for change as well as an advocate for as many people as possible and they have twisted what we’ve said. Honestly I think it’s a total disgrace.”

The FSA has contacted Chelsea FC for comment.





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