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Chelsea’s Fan Advisory Board – five successes so far!

From the official Chelsea FC website:

The creation of Chelsea’s first Fan Advisory Board (FAB) earlier this year was one of the most significant developments in boosting the dialogue between the club and our highly valued supporter base.

Joining three supporter advisors to the board were four additional FAB members and if you were not aware previously of the FAB’s introduction, you can find out plenty about it here

What is definitely not widely known yet is the influence the FAB has had in its initial months so the time is right to lift the lid on the progress made, as the club and the supporters’ representatives continue to talk and act. 

Coach travel, partner products, tackling touts and more – we list key initiatives in 2023…

  • It was the FAB which recommended the club seeks a sponsor for supporter coach travel to away games, following the ending of the previous fare subsidy. The club is delighted to be working now with Lindhals, one of the partners of Chelsea Women, who are sponsoring coach travel to Chelsea Women away games, and we are actively working on solutions for the men’s team games. For the Premier League visit to Wolves, the club is offering free travel as we recognise the travel challenges presented by a game on Christmas Eve.
  • Continuing the theme of aligning with club partners, the FAB gave guidance on how sponsors can work effectively with the club. Our principal club partner Infinite Athlete funded free match programmes for the home game against Arsenal in October, and launched video live streams for Academy matches. Throughout our partnership, Chelsea and Infinite Athlete will co-create groundbreaking products for our fans to enjoy.
  • Having identified a number of key issues that impact supporters and worked closely with the club on these topics, the FAB has facilitated increased communication between the club and fans on matchday initiatives, such as the details of pre-match and half-time entertainment.
  • Similarly, the FAB has provided support for community initiatives, including submitting an application to the Premier League’s fan fund to run the Over the Line mental health hub at home matches.
  • Addressing one of the key concerns for match-going fans, the FAB is involved in the creation of a club and fan working group on tackling ticket touting and ticket resellers.

That is five of the most major advances made and we will continue to update on further developments resulting from the Fan Advisory Board being in place.





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