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2016 / 2017 Fixtures Released

The fixture list for the new season was released today by the FA. Chelsea will face West Ham at Stamford Bridge in the first game and Sunderland at home in the final game of the season. As is the norm, the actual days and dates will be confirmed after our beloved media have decided when we are allowed […]

Community Shield Ticket News

From the official Chelsea FC website – The ticket selling details for the FA Community Shield against Arsenal, which takes place at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 2 August, kick-off 3pm, have now been announced. – Click for more on the FA’s fixture calendar.

Were Chelsea And John Terry Right Not To Challenge The FA?

Come on let’s be honest about it, we have seen one of the modern day frame-ups conducted in tandem by both unregulated press (more on that another day) and a band of gin-soaked (Oman) rule changing, people from the FA. We, Chelsea and JT have to look at the bigger picture, sometimes you have to […]

John Terry Found Guilty By The FA

So did you really expect anything different? I know I didn’t. The FA at the end of the day are cowards; they dispense their unique brand of justice based largely it seems on what the papers dictate or the opinions issuing forth from radio phone-ins, where the lunatics chosen to go to air (more extreme […]

Stitched Up By The FA, Met Police And The Media!

Whilst every other European nations football federation does everything it can to aid or help its teams in European competitions, ours shows complete ignorance and disgust at our plight to succeed in Europe. We are lumbered with a Sunday 6pm kick off for a FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham, which gives the impression we are deliberately […]

They Are All Mad You Know!?

Back in 1972, times were hard you know, there were miners strikes, shortages of coal, and power cuts that crippled our nation, today 40 years on we face critical issues of a different nature, …. A popular film of the time was Carry on Abroad, like many carry on films it took the mickey of […]

Chelsea Supporters Or Chelsea Mugs?

 Q) How much longer are football supporters in this country going to be treated like mugs by the television companies, The FA and indeed, the clubs themselves? A) As long as we keep spending our hard earned cash following the team of our choice! That’s how long! They know they have us by the short […]

New Year Chelsea Away Games In Midweek

Why is it that the football supporters are never thought of when the FA and SKY etc get their teeth into our football! – Once again we see in the space of four weeks going into 2011 we are having to travel large distances during the working week just to follow our team. – I […]

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