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Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (132) from the CSG

Another One Bites the Dust! Now that Andre Villas-Boas has been removed form the Chelsea manager’s job, it is fair to assume that the remaining years and months of his contract will be paid in full adding to the £64 million that has been paid to previous parties involved in managerial and coaching positions at […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (129) from the CSG

JUSTICE FOR ALL!! Following the recent decision by the Crown Prosecution Service to instruct the Metropolitan Police to formerly charge John Terry with a criminal offence it was heartening to see the club issue a statement giving their full support to JT regarding this matter, after all everyone is entitled to a fair trial in […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (128) from the CSG

FREE TO JOIN THE CHELSEA SUPPORTERS GROUP Following the CSG’s Annual General Meeting on November 26th it was decided to introduce free lifetime membership with immediate effect and for a trial period, dependant on take up. The decision was taken in an effort to boost numbers  and get more supporters on board with an organisation […]

The Best Of CFCUK – Volume One – Now On Kindle

cfcuk, renowned as the “peoples” publication, has been on the streets since May 1999 when it was originally launched as Matthew Harding’s Blue and White Army. Chelsea Football Fanzine, ‘the best of cfcuk” Volume One, takes a look back at the first 5o issues showcasing a fascinating selection of articles, interviews and editorial material featured […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (125) from the CSG

Coming Home to Roost? It will be interesting to see what the Club have to say about the rumoured 6000 Chelsea supporters that did not renew their season tickets for this season. Will they acknowledge that the price increases that they implemented were a step too far in these hard pressed economical times? The fact […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (123) from the CSG

We have received some good news for our younger supporters regarding away games next season. Following the concerns that the CSG raised with the club, and reported on in the last issue of cfcuk, regarding the apparent reluctance of Chelsea FC to pass on concessionary prices offered by home clubs, we were contacted by the […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (122) from the CSG

Ticket Prices 2011-12 The recent announcement regarding season ticket and match day prices contains some nasty shocks for supporters who attend all the matches at Stamford Bridge. At first viewing the season ticket price increases do not appear too bad especially when you factor in the VAT increase of 2.5%, however supporters who go to […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article (121) from the CSG

Chelsea Customer Charter and Copenhagen.  Judging by the amount of complaints that the CSG and our colleagues at cfcuk receive from disgruntled supporters, ranging from broken seats and leaking roofs in the stadium to membership and season ticket problems, there is no clear complaint or appeal process available for them to raise concerns with the […]

Latest cfcuk Fanzine Article from the CSG

SUPPORTERS FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT AND MORE! The fourth annual Chelsea Supporters Football Tournament will once again take place at the Cobham training ground with the club confirming that the date will be Sunday, July 10th 2011. The 11 a side tournament is open to any team of Chelsea supporters who can guarantee getting a squad of […]

Chelsea Football Fanzine – The Best of cfcuk

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