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Girl Who Likes Balls – Liverpool

Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1 – Tuesday 31st January 2017 20:00 Getting picked up and dumped in Scumsville by a tornado might have been less f*cking traumatic than the M6 today. We had everything bar a plague of zombie Munchkins shoved in front of us on the way north. I was pretty sure there were some […]

Chelsea v Liverpool – Match Summary

Friday 16 September 2016 – Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2 In one of our more eagerly awaited fixtures of the season, the Scousers were in town, but with this our first Friday night game of the new TV rights package, it transpired that many of our visitors might not have been able to get back to […]

Girl Who Likes Balls

MATCH Five: Chelsea 1 Mickey Mousers 2 – Friday (Arrrgh!) 16th September 2016 20:00 Two Steps Forward, One Depressing Leap Back Customer Comment of the day: Where’s Peter Osgood? (Me:) Sorry to break it to you mate, but he’s dead. (Tourist looking for the statue to collect a ticket, it turned out) Oppositon insult of the […]

Chelsea v Liverpool – Match Summary

Saturday 31 October 2015 – Chelsea 1 Liverpool 3 This was the big one and, for me, this is the team I want to beat more than any other, the deluded Scousers’ sense of entitlement really gets my back up. In the lead up to the game all was looking rather promising, some decent performances […]

Chelsea v Liverpool – Match Summary

Sunday 10 May 2015 – Champions 1 Liverpool 1 So, the much anticipated Guard of Honour given for our boys by the begrudging Liverpool players as they entered the pitch as Champions. Also a much talked about and welcome start for Rubén Loftus-Cheek in a number of changes including Kurt Zouma, Filipe Luis and Loic […]

Chelsea’s Conquest Of Liverpool (by Gary Watton)

CHELSEA’S CONQUEST OF LIVERPOOL Oh I really wish that Jose Mourinho would elbow the horrible strategy of clinging on to one-goal leads, as it is dangerous. Fortunately on Saturday, his seemingly unstoppable troops were able to successfully defend their 2-1 lead, assisted by a clueless Liverpoor team, although the latter could easily have been freed […]

A Famous Win [by Gary Watton]

A FAMOUS WIN There is something really satisfying about Chelsea’s unusual, though not unexpected, victory at Anne’s Field on Sunday. It bears comparison with the 4-1 demolition of the hosts in 2005. On that occasion, the Blues emphatically avenged the 1-0 ‘ghost goal’ aberration. This time around, our team silenced the Liverfools and their media […]

A Bitter, Poisonous Rivalry [by Gary Watton]

A BITTER, POISONOUS RIVALRY In pre-Mourinho times Liverpoo loved Chelsea. We rarely won at Anne’s Field and we generously finished below the Kopites every year. Then along came Abramovich and then Jose to transform our love affair with the Scousers. Suddenly we had the bad manners to start winning silverware on a regular basis while […]

Arrogant, ‘Classy’ Liverpool

ARROGANT, ‘CLASSY’ LIVERPOOL I have been bemused by the prolonged media-fuelled transfer sagas surrounding Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, and our own pursuit of Wayne Rooney. The story that has caught my attention is Liverpool’s refusal to offload their talented troublemaker, Luis Suarez. Last week Michael Owen, fast becoming yet another ex-Liverpool player who is acting […]

Speaking With The Enemy – Liverpool

Speaking With the Enemy – Liverpool Steven Kelly is Trizia’s LFC counterpart at the Irish Examiner. He was also the editor of the Liverpool fanzine ‘Through The Wind & Rain’ between 1989 and 2008. 1.       So, why Liverpool? Born that way, I’m afraid, though things could have taken a calamitous turn for the worse. My […]

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