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Pressing Matters With Sam Wallace

Pressing Matters With Sam Wallace This week in “Pressing Matters” we speak to Sam Wallace, Football Correspondent for The Independent. First a little about yourself – why football journalism and who did you support before you became “neutral”? I was a Daily/Sunday Telegraph trainee, a fantastic trainee scheme for young reporters under the guidance of […]

Pressing Matters With Henry Winter

Pressing Matters With Henry Winter Henry Winter was born in 1963 and attended Edinburgh University He is a respected Football Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and columnist for the Sunday Telegraph. Follow him on Twitter @henrywinter 1. First – a bit about you – why journalism? And I believe you were a Liverpool fan as […]

Pressing Matters With Dave Kidd

Today in “Pressing Matters” we speak to Dave Kidd – Chief Sports Writer at the Sunday People and avid Fulham fan 1.  Why journalism & why Fulham (especially as Chelsea is just up the road!!)? I always loved writing, football and cricket. I was better at writing than I was at either football or cricket, […]

Pressing Matters With Dominic Fifield

Today we speak to Dominic Fifield who is the London football correspondent for the Guardian where he has been for 13 years. Dominic covers Chelsea and since 2007 England too. He is an ardent Crystal Palace fan but try not to hold that against him 1.                  Why journalist and why Crystal Palace? The Crystal Palace […]

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