Chelsea Pitch Owners – CSG Update

As many of you are aware, following correspondence from many of our members who were concerned at the lack of transparency and consultation following the club’s proposal to the CPO shareholders, we the CSG joined forces with other like-minded groups to campaign for a no vote at the EGM on the 27th October.

Following the EGM, many shareholders previously unconnected the SayNoCPO campaign joined in discussions to try & agree a way forward. As you can imagine, with so many individuals involved it has become difficult to unanimously agree how the group pursue the objectives that initially bought us together.

We now feel it is time for the CSG to step away from the campaign and allow the new steering group to proceed in the direction that the majority of those involved feel is most appropriate.

CSG members will have the opportunity to put their views across at the next CSG meeting (AGM on 26th November), or if you are unable to attend, via e-mail here. Following these discussions, CSG will represent the views of the majority of its members who are shareholders going forward in any further consultations.

We understand that some CSG members although not shareholders, still have strong views concerning this issue, therefore we welcome all feedback and will ensure that these views are also represented & communicated to relevant parties.

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7 thoughts on “Chelsea Pitch Owners – CSG Update


    Chelsea F.C. keep insisting that it is impossible to build a 60,000 seater stand on the present 12.5 acre site at Stamford Bridge.
    May I remind everybody that back in the 1970s, Chelsea F.C., under Brian Mears had actually begun building a 60,000 seater stadium and the first step was the East Stand.
    Chelsea F.C. had then FULL Planning Permission – I still have the leaflet with the proposed new stadium.
    Furthermore, at the time the site was smaller than the present site as there was still Warlingham (?) Mansions in Fulham Road where the second Megastore now stands. These were purchased by Ken Bates and knocked down.
    Perhaps the old plans for the 60,000 seater stadium could be dug out and represented to Fulham and Hammersmith Council.

    • Trizia

      I think there are a few problems to this – firstly planning laws have changed and also health and safety laws have changed. The other issue now are the flats that were built on the back of the Shed – these are privately owned and to purchase them all (44 I believe) would be a costly and time consuming process

  • Richard Jones

    Speaking as a huge Chelsea fan I believe if we are to continue to be a top 4 club, and that’s very much in doubt this season we need a bigger Stadium, whether it’s at the Bridge or not, we would all prefer to stay there but with building regs now it maybe impossible, if not let’s move, what’s the point of being nostalgic and a mediocre club?

    • Trizia

      Richard – the issue for many of us is not whether to move – but where we move to – how far out would you be prepared to go?

      • Richard Jones

        I totally agree that the new Stadium should be within 3 miles of the Bridge, I would prefer to stay where we are but if that means being a mid-table side we should move in my opinion I think we all remember the bad times.

  • A wise course of action in the circumstances.

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