The Burning Questions – Chelsea And The CPO

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With Chelsea FC making an aggressive statement of intent with regards to buying out the CPO in order to fully acquire not only the freehold to Stamford Bridge, but the name of Chelsea FC itself too, many supporters and supporters groups alike are rightly concerned.
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5 thoughts on “The Burning Questions – Chelsea And The CPO

  • ChelseaR

    I’m also very concerned about the risks here but we need to remember that alienating the guy who is still paying the bills isn’t a good idea either!

  • Blue Since 1963

    We cannot continue to be competitive as a charity case. The club has to stand on its own financial feet and that is before even considering the German and Spanish clubs pressurising us under the financial fair play rules. Time to grow up, most people aspire to owning bigger houses why should we retain some outdated, romantic notion about a stadium that we have outgrown? A “no” vote is a suicide note. I have been a CPO member since 1994 and I would not betray that trust lightly but this is a time for rational, cool thinking, not romanticism.

    • Perfectly said.
      The eariler Chelsea fans realize that Abramovich cannot continue pumping his personal funds into the club to pay for transfers & fees for world class players, the better for us.

  • The key issue for me is what happens after 2020. Having received the prospectus and voting forms and looked through them, it seems to me that we have some guarantees up until then, namely that any new ground would have to be within 3 miles, be at least 55,000 etc. So from a business perspective that makes good sense.

    However, if no ground is forthcoming by 2020, we are left with no protection whatsoever.

    To me, if no ground is developed by 2020, then the rights should return to CPO.

  • steve cross

    I am a CPO shareholder and will vote YES.

    In the last 8 years I’ve seen nowt that suggests that the Board do not act in the best interest of CFC. irrespective of whether I personally agreed the decision.

    Lets accept one fact, Roman Ambromavich has spent £750m to date (or thereabouts), and he’s wealth is judged to be £10,800m! He clearly has the wealth to build a new stadium elsewhere and move the Club there, then what?

    I’m afraid I’ve not seen or read anything to date that persuades me to vote NO. This is not a decision that should be based on emotion. We need a stadium that holds 60,000 if we are to compete at the highest level.

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