Chelsea Fan Day And Open Training Session

“Here is 9 year old Jack’s latest report from Fan Day and Open Training at Stamford Bridge”.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jack and yesterday I went to Stamford Bridge but you will never guess because this time it wasn’t to see Chelsea play against another team, it was to watch the Chelsea players DO SOME TRAINING.

I went with Teacher Gill and Kent Blues Graeme and this was very special and exciting and I will tell you about it.

First thing that happened when we got there was lots of different things like a big blow up football goal and a man who was doing headering  with a ball and Stamford the Lion was outside so I had my picture with him and Teacher Gill and our Kent Blues flag.

Next thing we went in the West Stand and there were 4 little goals and five big ones and there were lots of coloured sticks in the ground and Kent Blues Graeme said that these were special things for the players to run around and get them fit. First the goalkeepers came out and Teacher Gill was very happy because she likes Hilario best and he waved to her.

Petr Cech did this thing where he stepping over little cups and then Chrisoph who is the teacher of the goalkeepers kicked the ball and Petr had to catch it and throw it to Ross, very fast, very fast all the time.

Then all the other players came and there was a lot of shouting from people all their different names. I saw Josh and used my shouty voice HELLO JOSH and I think he heard me because he looked to where I was.

Andre who is the manager had a whistle and he blew his whistle loud and then they all had to run around and do jumping and wavy arm exercises a bit like we do in PE at school. Kent Blues Graeme said this is to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves when they do the proper football.

All the players wore different colour tops, some was yellow and some was orange ones and then they played a real game. But then something went wrong because John Terry fell down and he was stuck for a bit until they helped him get up. I was really really worrying but Kent Blues Graeme said John Terry would be ok because he is the best Chelsea captain in the whole world.

At the end all the players walked in front of us and they waved and we held up our Kent Blues flag and Super Frank did the good sign.

I nearly forgot that a man gave us a picture of all the Chelsea players and underneath was all their names and I have put that on my special Chelsea wall at home next to my Josh McEachran shirt.

Before we went home we had McDonalds that was a treat from Teacher Gill and now there is only 5 more sleeps until Christmas day.

“Happy Christmas from Jack and all the Kent Blues”

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