Shake On It?

So much personal information is given with a handshake, there are books and courses on how to give the correct handshake, even politicians take careful advise on how to do it.

So we get such a hullabaloo about a non-handshake, so much posturing and farcical actions even childlike acting up at the end of the game by Evra.

Contrary to popular views I am rather a social old creature, manner and etiquette are very important to me, and they have to be I live in a foreign country, where manners are expected and where culture is very different from many western values. To get on you must respect local culture and have some basic manners.

However forgive me just a moment, taking away the fact that I hardly ever shake hands with any locals as its not their custom, its generally only done with other westerners, but its not deemed essential these days as introductions, it is just politeness, at the end of a meeting or conversation then over here is more important, but still not essential, however with that said I will always offer my hand to someone I like or respect.

I looked at the farce of the Suarez-Evra no hand shake in the European context, For Suarez he clearly still has issues, actually its okay to have them, its okay not to like someone. There are plenty of people I don’t like, in fact there are teams I don’t like, and even countries I don’t like, so to shake an individuals hand is a personal matter of choice. To refuse is only a snub, (its not the end of the world) and we’ve seen that with Sarkozy (French President with Cameron) and even a group of Russian diplomats with Obama….so Suarez refused, he did not make a fuss, he just refused.

Evra (and Ferdinand) made the fuss, and I see it as Evra needed the public recognition more than Suarez (Body language tells its own tale).

Ok Suarez if he mislead his club then that is an issue for them to take with him, the ridiculous behaviour of Evra and lesser so Ferdinand was just a complete actions of idiots, more so the post match celebrations, worthy of several FA charges and even incitement to cause trouble.

I have seen and heard of people being charged with less obvious behaviour.

The FA in their desperation have done nothing but sweep the issue under the carpet, but woe betide any other player or team that steps out of line the punishment will be severe.

Surely not favouritism again?

As per Red Nose, signs of Alzheimer’s emerge as in his eager comments to chastise both Liverpool and Suarez, he clearly forgot about Cantona!

Posted by Voltaire

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