The Heat Of The Bite

imagesThe outrage surrounding the latest Suarez incident is quite amusing in its own way. I think the British press are more outraged that he has made them look like idiots, than actually outraged at the action itself. Indeed I have had a right laugh reading some of the articles written directly after his POTY award – the justifications by some of the same journalists frothing at the mouth now demonstrates their hypocrisy in vivid HD.

Problem is that both Liverpool and the press were both so smug in their assertion that they had somehow rehabilitated Suarez – explain to me exactly how they thought they had done that? From where I was standing both the club and its fans became apologists for the 2nd time offender. Then the press went and put the cherry on the top by crowning him Player of the Year.

How can a player who missed a significant part of the season because he committed an act so despicable that he had to serve a lengthy ban be even considered for player of the year – never mind actually win it? What did this award tell the player? It told him that not only was he forgiven, but it wasn’t that big a deal in the first place as the press, his club and his own fans decided that he should be exulted and awarded in the same season as his cowardly and disgraceful act.

And now it’s happened for a third time – and once again the apologists are out in force – not the British press this time – they have been made to look very stupid indeed and they don’t like that one bit. But his Uruguayan team mates, his country’s FA, Liverpool fans AGAIN…..all have Suarez pegged as the victim.

Funny thing now is how so much sympathy is going the way of Liverpool Football Club – the common theme is that they are being punished when they did nothing wrong. This again has amused me no end. Liverpool and especially its manager and fans hold themselves and the club up as the moral standard that other club’s should aim to aspire to. Yet, they showed no such moral strength when Suarez bit Ivanovic – all they were concerned about is how quickly they could get this talented player back on the field and competing. And let’s not be mistaken here – almost every club would have done the same – the difference is that the rest of us do not market ourselves as all that is good and great in the game.

We all know that had Suarez been a two-bit player, Liverpool would have had his bags packed and him out of Anfield quicker than you could say “double standards”.

And even now don’t think for one moment that they are considering firing him – they are considering what will be most financially viable for Liverpool Football Club and then how best to spin that – again, just as any other Premier league club would do. And interested parties will be hatching plans to try and get him on the cheap.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that a dozen or so food/snack giants will have been banging on his agent’s door asking – nay begging, to pay Suarez obscene amounts of money to make some “hilarious” advert for some foodstuff or other.

Suarez does what he does because football and the circus that surrounds it allows him to – in fact not just allows him to – but rewards him too. And as long as that remains the same, we will continue to see acts akin to this Suarez incident and the cycle of moral indignation, apologists, marketing opportunities and high profile so called redemption. Chew that over – leaves a bad taste in the mouth doesn’t it?

Posted by Trizia

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One thought on “The Heat Of The Bite

  • ish collins

    Too damn right, trizia, could not believe that this so called footballer was even considered for player of the year never mind him getting the two awards. If this had been a Chelsea player the media would have had a field day. He should have been banned for life for what he did in the last world cup, downright cheating and then gloats at the fact he got his country into the semi final. The scousers can’t keep apologising for him. At lest FIFA acted quickly unlike the FA who dithered on and only acted cos of the media

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